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A night walk in warm summer breezes.
"Hmf?" the clock reads 3:00am... Might as well streach my legs..(?)
I'm staring at myself in bed. This is a very strange dream. I feel a breeze.
"I've really fliped.." What am I doing in the woods?
A slender nude Japanese lady appears and gently leads by my secret
digit.. Her grip is firm, but gentle. The back of my toes drag over the leaves
and pineneatles..... We begin to float into the swaying trees:
                "Dream, oh, dream again,
                  And tell me,
                  Thou art a dream."
She turns her face to me. Her eyes glow with an ancient gaze....
I feel water about my face...we are floating at the top of the trees in a
cool pool.... There are others: bussy and buzzy like bees...
"Almonds?...or roses?" the sent is subtle... Her hands are cold..
Her skin is sparkling and electric...."She's bald?"
                  "Have some,
                  Daren't go,
                  Until you have
                  Had your fill."
She wants to drain me.... Fearfully, I cling to her breast like a suckling
infant.... She is guiding my secret digit....her hips move like a serpent.
The pool feels like a stream....(?).....We are moving, back to my room.
We enter through the ceiling, which is smoke.... I don't want to let go.
She holds my hands by the wrists and places me in my bed....+
                  "Come, come
                  Let us lie down
                  On the land."
Her words spoken with the rush of a God...deep and whispering...
I try to open my eyes...but, the buzzing paralyzes me....
I'm ready, for a new day.

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