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A personal reflection on the State of the Union.
Today, like many others before, I sit in my solitude. Angered by the choices of others, debilitated by choices of my own, I sit and ponder.

With the intake of another bowl of crumbled courage, life looks bleak and uninviting. Living with knowledge I never sought; wishing certain questions remained unanswered.

My life seems invalidated, all past efforts futile and fruitless. Duped and deceived by society for years, the facade of fiction finally fades.

Revolution will be required, but the comforts of fantasy keep the multitudes satiated. Treating a warning shot, received five years past, as an alarm clock, the masses yawned and hit the snooze.

Their undoing in the balance, the blissfully ignorant misplace their trust to the hands of a tragically corrupt Uncle. Even when opinions wane, two hundred year old documents receive lip service, but their allocation of power remains forgotten.

Entrapped by comforts of credit, the deferral of payment appears endless. Does no one notice who holds our debts? Has a century of hubris and decades of decadence sealed our fate?
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