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The Internet gives Mail-Order marriages for citizenship new life
I am NOT the venue for citizenship to the United States, folks.

Yes, I am an American citizen, by birth; however, I am not about to be an arranged, or mail-order, or Internet-order bride for anyone who wishes to acquire American citizenship the quick and easy way, without naturalization procedures.

Nearly seven years ago, way back toward the end of the year 2000, an individual from the British Isles found me intriguingly available. Apparently the fact of being single was sufficient to impel his heavy-handed and greedy-hearted approach.
It began with his introducing himself by calling me “Princess.”In a brief few days he was discussing an overseas flight to come stay with me.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that this pint-size, one-legged, mouthy fellow intended to marry me!

Living at the time on a pallet on the floor of an elderly person’s tiny one-bedroom, three-room apartment, while I functioned as caregiver and errand-runner, wasn’t conducive to marriage, cohabitation, or even entertaining a foreign visitor.
Indeed, at the time, although having been estranged for nearly seven years, I was still nearly one year away from the widowhood which again rendered me legally single.

In the 19th century, an era rife with the proliferation of settlers, explorers, and prospectors, young Elizabeth Richardson declared:
“Nothing shall induce me to relinquish the state of single blessedness!”

Since Elizabeth was referring to the practice of mail-order brides, I find I quite must agree. Works that way for Internet-arranged marriages as well. Both parties {or multiple parties} need to be consenting, not just half or a third or a fourth.
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