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I searched for love, but it's not there.
Is it wrong to want to die
When living is your one disease
And dying is the only cure

I searched for love, but it's not there
Now no one's here, but I don't care
I'm giving in to all my pain
So I can end this fucking game
No more tears, and no more lies
It won't end till someone dies

Is it wrong to hate yourself
When all you do is think of dying
Just to numb the pain of living

When I cut my wrists, I missed the vein
Now they look at me like I'm insane
So I need to find another way
To end this fucking game today

Is it wrong to take your life
When the pain has control of you
And you don't even want to be yourself

Now the pain is too extreme
And I know I tried everything
To make those feelings disappear
But my pain is still here
So I put the pistol to my head
And make sure the pain will never spread

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