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by PKG
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1281355
A flash fiction writer's lame attempt at poetry

I guard my heart but fail to keep it safe,
          my body is a soldier on its own.
Push hard against my spirit
          it will not crack or bend,
                    it is what helps me ground.
Be mindful of the strength you wield
          when I let you into my heart,
                    it's fragile.
Lie to me, ignore me, let me down
          Listen intently to the glassy sound
                    Of my fragile shattering heart.

God’s Gift to Me
A mimic of William Blake's "The Poison Tree"
I was afraid of my own desire
I shoved it down, put out the fire
I fell in love but didn’t know
To just step back and let it grow.
And I ignored my demons
So I could keep on dreaming.
So I settled for clearly
Much less than God promised me.
She came to me day and night
Her love grew  strong & right
And God made our paths intertwine
And then I knew she was mine.
And into my life acceptance
When all to see is hate and ign’rance
In the streets glad I see
A family built of community.

My Car
My car can take me anywhere
I shut the door, and cease to be
What is fucked up, what is me
I jam my foot on the gas
To chase my memories
And pray I lose my miseries.
I shift the gears and drop my speed
Let the rest of the world fly by
So life can seep deep inside.
My car can take me everywhere
I shut the door and cease to be
To dream of other realities.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1281355-3-Poems