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It is about hope and love.
There are tons of cultures that look at an owl differently. Some say evil or wise and watchful. Or some say that owls can be good or bad luck. But who really knows what an owl means. Who is right or wrong? Everyone has his or her own interpretation and here is mine.
This is a story of a very wise and watchful owl, which not only says "Hoo" but who warns and protects. Who guides and sees what no human eye can see. Who knows much more then a human can even imagine. A story that will make you wonder, what does an owl really know, the above and beyond the human mind and eye. Stories that will make you smile and can make you wonder, who is watching over me?

This owl was very unique and beautiful in many ways. As you know sometimes more then you would like to admit, people could be pushed to the side cause you are so unique and beautiful. Humans can be jealous and vindictive to the ones that have so much beauty in their eyes. Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in your heart and soul. Before I tell you the marvelous things this owl did, let me tell you how beautiful he was.
First off, he was a very large owl. He was 23 inches in length. He had blue eyes and his feathers were soft gold, brown and yellow. When you look at him you loose track of time. He was a sight and yet this owl did have a sad beginning.

As a baby owl, his mother died and for a month he survived eating what ever he could find. Then a young lady came upon him and nurtured him back to health. The owl was in bad shape. He was so tiny and helpless. He had a cut on his face plus he was so dehydrated and hungry.
This lady who was alone and in need of a friend but at the same time she had these bright blue eyes, with golden blonde hair. When they found each other, it was a blessing on each of their part. She like the owl had no family plus had warts on her face plus a bad limp. She lived alone in Upstate New York. Finding this owl was the best thing she could ever had done. You can tell by looking in her eyes how sweet this lady was, how genuine. Her name was Cassandra Levin and she just made a friend for life.
A year went by and the owl was healthy enough to go out on his own. She was very sad to see him go, but she knew he had to fend for him self now. She named him Wisdom. Which fits being that it is an owl! He did not leave her empty handed when he went on his way. He flew up on a branch and looked at her while he hooted 3 times and a feather fell from him and a little kitty came running out of the woods to the feather. It started playing with it and the kitten was white with black spots on it. It ended up being a boy and she named him Wisdom after the owl. She knew it was a gift of thanks. More amazingly then that is when she looked in the mirror her warts have disappeared along with her limp. Things just got better for her after that. She was healed and now had a new friend, the kitty.

Like I said this owl was very special and unique. He would travel wherever his heart drew him. He went from the northern states to the southern. He went from the eastern states to the western. Every time he would find someone in need he would help him or her and leave behind something that would never be forgotten, ever. As the story goes on so does his blessings. There are many stories of Wisdom's blessings; I will now tell you the ones that touched my heart.
It was a dark night on Feb.3, 1933, a quiet night. In Manhattan on Broadway there was a young girl of the age of 15 walking home. She thought she was alone and safe. But little did she know she was being watched and followed by 4 eyes. One pair was a man slowly following her and waiting to make his move. The other pair I will get too in just a minute. The girl's name was Miranda Smith. She had long strawberry blonde hair with fair skin and dark green eyes. She was getting off work from a diner named, Sugar's Outing Coffee Cafe, It was 10pm and her Uncle Tom worked there but tonight he was off. He usually gives her a ride home, but like I said, he was off tonight. He lived in Queens and she lived closer to her job then her uncle did. She lived a couple of blocks from the cafe and so it was not a big deal to walk. She had a sister, mom and dad waiting for her. Her mom and dad always stayed up until she got home. She was a very loved young lady. The saddest thing about this little girl is her mom. Her mom was sick with lung cancer and she was just starting her treatments. So Miranda had to start working because her family needed as much help as possible. Yet this young lady always had a smile to share and a hug to give. She never doubted, for she knew that her mom would come out okay.
She loved her job and the people she worked with. She even loved her customers. They all loved her but the one thing that gave her the willies was this one male customer. He would stare at her and creep her out. She did not think too much into it. I mean there are a lot of crazies in NY, but she figured she would be fine. Anyhow she carries mace on her at all times. At this time of night there were tons of people walking around going to and fro. She had nothing to worry about or did she. She turned on her street; 35th Ave and she had only 15 more minutes of walking then she was home. But before she turned she heard something in the distance and looked up. It was an owl, wait an owl! An owl in Manhattan is so unlikely. But she saw it and heard it, Hoo.... Hoo...Hoo... it landed on a coffee shop and looked right at her with those blue eyes with colorful feathers. He would not stop hooting. So she got goose bumps and walked in the coffee shop. She called her dad to pick her up. Wisdom stared at her through the window on a telephone wire and flew away. She got a coffee with a danish and sat by the window waiting. Across the street she saw the man that creeps her out and he looked like he was looking for someone or something. Then it clicked, he was following her. He had brown hair and dirty jeans and his sneakers were all torn up. He looked liked he lived on the streets. That is something you get accustomed to in this area. Usually though the bums do there own thing.

Thanks to the owl, she was safe and sound. She called her dad to come and get her. When she told her parents what had happened her parents made sure that walking home was out of the question. When she awoke the next morning, her parents were waiting for her in the kitchen. They looked at her and smiled. She looked at them and said, ''What's going on"? Her mom said, ''I got back from the doctor and he said all my cancer is gone from my body"!
Miranda did not know what to believe but what she saw out side her window let her know that her blessing really was a miracle, it was Wisdom on the ledge. When she walked to the window to get a better look at him, he stayed where he was and just looked at her. He flew away with a wink, which made her smile. She looked on the window ledge and there was a feather. She will always have the feather to remind her that God had sent an owl to her and the blessing she received.
That man never followed Miranda or any other girl for that matter ever again. The police was notified and legal matters were put in progress. Later they found out he was wanted in 3 states for murder and rape. There are many stories as these, this is just one of many I will tell you.

Making time
Well, the owl continued on to a new destination. This time he was being drawn to the south. He never knows where he will end up. He just follows his heart. Well he ended up in Florida. Big difference in temperature but that never really bothered him much. He does his callings to help whom ever needs it at that time and continues onward to the next person.
The town he ended up in was called Holiday. Nothing really happens in this area and I don't even know why they named it Holiday, it is not a holiday kind of town. Anyway, there was this young boy named Charlie, he was a loner. No one ever really paid much attention to him. He was also unique and beautiful in his own way. He is mentally disabled and he had only a mom taking care of him with the help of two nannies'. His mom had to work 2 jobs just to pay off the bills and put food on the table. Charlie had a volunteer nanny come for the night and watch over him and the house. Her name was Maria; she only came 4 nights out of the week. His mom, whose name was Cindy paid another nanny to come and watch him on the days she wasn't home. The paid nanny's name was Lucy. Cindy did not get home from work till 5pm. So someone had to be there when he got home and get dinner made. She hardly spent anytime with him and it was heart breaking to have too work so much, but someone had to do it. This was not the life she wanted for him. Let me tell you what happened in the early years of Charlie.
Charlie was born March 5, 1997, which would make him 10 years old. He had wonderful parents that were ready to love him. As soon as he was born was the moment his dad left. It takes a lot of time, love and patience to take care of a special need child. It also takes money and so he split as fast as Charlie came into the world. Cindy has not heard from him since. So it had been extremely hard for Cindy. She does not know what to do. If she quits one of her jobs, she won't be able to pay for the schooling, which is at the special needs school that he goes too. It is called "Unique and Gifted Hearts". This school was a blessing because they have a program for parents just like her self who don't have the money. They even found her a volunteer nanny to help her. She felt somewhat blessed, she just wished to have more personal time with her son.
Let me tell about Cindy and Charles. Cindy has these brown eyes and a medium build with brown hair to the bottom of her back. She was a hard worker and a heart of gold. She was willing to work her every hour just so that Charlie was taken care of. Charlie was a darling to be around because he was sweet and tender hearted. He always made you laugh and cry. There were times you forget that he was a "special needed child". He had his dad's eyes, which were blue-green and his mom's smile. Cindy had all this hope for a good life but hope is all she had.
Well she had to go too work at 7am, Lucy came to watch Charlie at 6:30am. Well it was 2am and now she finally is falling asleep in her chair. Watching him sleep was the most she got to see him. She dreaded going to work, she would rather play hooky and spend her days with him. She worked 4 nights at a restaurant; it was called Billy Bobs. Her daytime job was at a nursing home. She worked there as a nurse and so she worked from 7am to 4pm at the nursing home and 8pm to 6am 4 nights during the week. So you’re probably thinking she gets to see him on the weekends at least. That is not the case, he goes every other weekend to a camp for children such as him. On the weekends he is at home she takes him to the park and anywhere she can afford.

She feels as if she has visitation with her son every other weekend. She is hoping that one day she will save enough money to quit her waitress job. Well, until things work out this is how its going to be for a while at least she thought. So she gets ready to leave for work as Lucy pulls in the driveway. Lucy comes in the house like any other day and starts cooking Cindy breakfast. Lucy is a doll, she chooses to do that for Cindy. She has red spiky short hair and tattoos on her arms, the punk style I guess. Cindy doesn't mind a bit, Lucy is wonderful with the house cleaning and preparing meals. Lucy and Charlie get along perfect. So, anyhow Lucy walks in and tells Cindy that she is hearing a weird noise in the back of the house. So after Cindy gets ready for work, she checks it out. She did not see anything but heard something that sounded like an owl. There is no such thing around this area or is there. Well, its Florida anything is possible, right? The owl flew to where she can see him. Wisdom was perched on a branch and just looked at Cindy and hooted. He then flew away, but first he left a feather behind. She picked it up and put it on the living room shelf. I guess it was a sign that maybe one day she would stop hoping and things would start happening in her life.
So she continued her day like usual and she was excited because this was the weekend she had Charlie to her self. When she got home and saw him talking to Lucy with such excitement, she went to them to find out what was going on. Before Cindy could say anything, Charlie started enplaning. He went on to say, "Mommy, there was an owl in the playground and it looked right at me, it even hooted at me too." he asked his mom," Do you believe me"? She said, "it visited me too in the back yard and left something behind." She showed him the feather and looked at him and said, "This means that good things are going to happen, I just don't know when." Charlie replied with a smile and said," Mommy good things happen every day, you are here with me and you love me." she started to tear and they both hugged.
Cindy did not know but Lucy and Maria have been meeting on there own time and praying for this family. Lucy left and Cindy now was ready to have a blast with Charlie. She took him to Disney world! She made sure she spent every waking moment with him and doing everything and anything with him. They always had a blast when they were together. Charlie sure did, he enjoyed the junk food and ice-cream most of all. They also go to church together on Sunday when he is not in camp. Well, one Sunday she looked up at the sky and saw the owl. He would just look at her and Hoo.
No one really noticed but her. The next thing she knew the priest came out and told her to come back in the church. She saw the whole congregation and they all yelled out "Happy Birthday". She just fell into shock and Charlie was all smiles. They gave her a check of $25,000 and told her that her mortgage was paid off. They even gave her 2 plane tickets to go wherever they wanted too, with spending money on the side. In the church you see there was a Mortgage Broker, a Pilot, and many others who helped Cindy as much as possible. They all received donations to give Cindy. The school principle got donations from the parents and paid Charlie's education where he was attending. Charlie is going to be at this school until he is 18 and after he graduates they have a special program for him to attend. He is most likely going to college after he graduates. He wants to be a veterinarian and now that was possible, because they found a college to pay off his tuition. The college was called, "St. Angel College".

Lucy and Maria were there too and they told her that they got a gift certificate for her to go too a spa while they take Charlie out for a day. Cindy's boss at the nursing home was there also and told her she had a paid vacation of 3 weeks. So of course she was going to use those tickets she received and go visit somewhere.
There were cameras everywhere and pictures being taken. This ended up being in the paper and on TV. Even Charlie had a gift for her. It was a finger painting he did in school and it had all the colors you can imagine. The school had it framed with Charlie's signature on it. It was beautiful and I don't think Cindy ever cried as much as she did that day.
She walked out side for some fresh air and she saw the owl hooting at her. He looked down at her and winked! She never knew an owl was even capable of doing that! The first thing she was going to do was quit that waitress job and go shopping with Charlie! She even invited Lucy and Maria to come along with them. You can say that Cindy and Charlie were very blessed. It was so unexpected and that's usually how blessings happen anyway. Now Cindy had very few worries and a lot of extra time with Charlie. He continued going to his camp every other weekend and Cindy got him any animal he pretty much wanted. He was very attentive to the animals and was good at taking care of them. He ended up getting a job at a vet's office and continued living at his mom's house. His mom got an extension to the house so that he can have his own place to live. Lucy and Maria became permanent housekeepers for the family. Everything worked out for Cindy and she has that feather in a glass frame on the wall and on the frame it says, "Hope". So don't loose hope, because you never know what good things might happen in your life.
Well, wisdom really blessed that family or was it that her blessing was just meant to be. I am pretty sure that the owl played a part in what happen to Cindy and Charlie. Wisdom continued blessing many families until the year of 2015. He lived to a ripe old age. He survived long enough to go back up state to where Cassandra was and hoping she was still there. Wisdom flew on the branch in front of the house and waited. The front door opened and it was Cassandra! He flew in front of her and she looked at him and said, "I was never going to leave here cause I knew that You would return one day looking for me," she was at the age of 85 and she still looked beautiful. Behind her came her family of, 3 children, 2 grand children and her husband. They all knew of Wisdom and he was here to stay, this was his home. This is where he was raised and this is where he wanted to pass away.
Till this day every family who he blessed has a feather to remind them of hope, faith and love. It will remind them not to doubt, but to hope for the best. If you keeping on hoping and have faith, your blessing just might be right around the corner or in the sky for that matter.
So may Wisdom bless you and your family!
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