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by Rashio
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this is about my masterpiece, i'm in the process of researching
Plot: A man named Rashio (the main character, oh and I could not think of a name for my main charicter of my hardly-writen-at-all story) was unknowingly demonicly possessed by a powerful Demon named Shishio, and while possesed he killed hundreds of people, all the while thinking it was himself doing this. he wants more than anything to stop his killing spree, but can't because Shishio was sublimly forcing him to go on running, and hiding himself using with either the use of a burlap cloak (this of course has symbolistic value which is why I made a piont of saying the material of the cloak in an outline, you people are smart, figure it out^^) or in emergancys using light menipulation. (you can look at the section on menipulation when i make it, but it's just like magic, but i wanted to avoid being Clishe) One day, while running from a group of bounty hunters (which would sound geeky in most storys of this genra but stick with me) he colapsed on a beach from exaution, and was unable to menipulate, so he went onto a piece of wood near the water and drifted out to sea asured that he would be able to survive using menipulation after he rested for a while. he never regained he powers while out at sea for an unknowned reason, (unknowned untill later in the story) he eventualy ran into a whirl pool which caused him to seperate from Shishio right before he reached the botom and was sucked into a "time portal" sending him 1000 years in the future (it was already in the 31st century). during the time laps, Shishio the newly freed demon, has been in controll and put the world through the, "Demonic Depression" (has a nice ring to it huh?). Almost all technology was lost, and Earth was sent into a Neo-Midevil age where society is in small scatered vilages accept for one holy plave, the holy lands (yes, Israel). Rashio finds love, friends, and a home. Untill it is all taken away from shishio who he has just learned of. He, Angelus, Asura (two people who have their own vendeta against Shishio and his army), and Rashio's dog Cerberus go on a mission to take out Shishio and his corupt army of demons and many greedy humans.
Rashio: I haven'n decided on a look for him because my image of him changes more than something that changes alot, but right now i'm going with slicked back hair, blue eyes, about 6' 1", and a small but tone build (if anybody has a name for that that i don't know about, feel free to inform me.), he has a scar on his chest that looks something like
/ /
| | |
/ /
| | |
/ /
| | |
/ /
if you're my age, when you were in gradeschool, you drew this little S thing, it's mostly based on that (the entire story was to explain a sword i drew in 7th grade where i converted that S into a blade. i am probably not going to include it in teh story anymore, but you should see how much it changed from the original version) he has a scar that looks like apentogram on his back (it surves a purpose, you'll see in the story if you know how to make an educated guess)

Okay people, i already told one person about this, but i just explained this story fairly well to a friend via AIM. i'm going to put that conversation up here...with a few minor changes.

well, the year is 30...46 i think? ok, 3046, and this guy, Rashio Reiatsu, the most wanted  man in the world, killed more people than hitler (a bit of an over exaduration) because (unknown to him) he was demonicly possesed by the basic equivelant of the antichrist, when he was being chased by bounty hunters, he colapsed from exaustion, onto a bourd on a beach, he awoke at sea and survived t first with menipulation (oh boy, here we go again, ok, i don't want to call in magic so i call it menipulation, in Avatar teh last air bender it was called bending, it is the exact same as bending, you can only menipulate one thing (usualy) but there are also extremely rare cases in which theey can menipulate EVERYTHING! space/time, matter, water, fire, earth, air, light, sound, gravity, even nature its self! they are caled omni menipulators. however, it is extremely weak. menipulation in an of it's self is exausting, lifting a drop of water for a beginner is like lifting 100 lbs. when one canot menipulate any further, it is kinda like chakra in the dieing aspect,a ccept there are no deaths (because you always have a little bit of streangthe in your mind where the power lies, however there is also ultamate menipilations where it drains every last drop and the user of it dies ALWAYS) then there are Grand menipulators, they are menipulators who have almost unlimited stamina for menipulating. there has been one of each accept sound, matter, and alpha (it is said that there were 2 grand omni menipulators, teh demon was one, the other is Rashio. Rashio is the Alpha (get it, Alpha and Omega?) that's all i can remember other than what all teh grand menipulators did menipulation wise). ok, so he is adrift at sea and he gets to this whirl pool. it sucks him down to the botom but it had magic in is because it was ina  brizentanium ore field (it has menipulationitive properties, but in reverse) so he can't menipulate himself out of itjust as he hits teh botom of it, he and Shishio (the demon) separate. he awakes on shore in Crete to the sight of a beautiful girl, Chiara. He is in a coma after a few seconds of conciesness, he awakes a week or so later and meets Gambit, Chiara's Grandpa who raised her. yada yada yada, Shishio comes and takes Chiara after haveing heard news of her being maried) yada yada yada, He teams up with the grand Matter menipulator, Angelus who is in teh second seat of power in the most powerfull and threatening group of people known as The Clan of the Angel Feather. (oh yeah, forgot to meantion about his wolf, Cerberus who Chiara adopted (wolf's were believed to be extinct,a dn this is as good a tiem as any to tell you teh the grand nature menipulator used his ultamate menipulation (every Grand menipulator uses his last ounce of life to do an ultamate menipulation) to give one male of each race of animal sefl awareness to be passed down through the line of birth.) so it eventualy (Possibly, i am still in consideration of this possibiltie) turns out to be that Cerberus is teh grand sound menipulator, XD funny huh? and a demon child (not all demons are evil ust most) named Bono Asura (Asura for short) who's brother joined Shishio's army long ago after abandening him as a very small child to live on his own. his brother, Ubel Asura (goes by ubel) is now shishio's right hand man and best friend (only friend) Shishio has a women who he actouly loves too. her name is Desdemona (formerly Andrea after one of my oldest friends)ok, gona send this too so i can keep typingsecondsideoanima (10:00:25 PM): um...okay, so where was I? oh yeah, they then meet the leader of the holy lands, Bhaga Abhiraja (recegnise!?!?) who basicly knows everything because God blessed him with all-knowing-ish-ness, he explains the whole ordeal thuraly, and then goes back to rest.

Okay, if i have any fans after this, you can know that i type how i talk when it comes to AIM. so you all know a little more about me now. that was not serius wrighting like everyhing else, so no spelling corections please, and don't critisize me about punctuation, ongoing sentences, ect...
Oh, and i know i'm forgeting things, i was too lazy to get my folder this soon-to-be book to get other things, if you want to know more about charicters, or the world (which i have thought of in gruesome detail) just message me, and i'll answer any questions you may have, thanks for reading that long...gruesome piece of iliteracy.
gata do other stuff. untill next time, and as always, opinions and spelling corections are welcomed.
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