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by Kenzie
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Send this email. You'll get rich and your wrinkles will disappear. Hey, it worked for me!
We Are So Gullible
by Marilyn Mackenzie

Imagine this. I ran around my neighborhood, grabbing my neighbors by the hand. First, I grabbed my son, then the neighbors next door, then the neighbors across the street. I tried to push them all into my car, but when that wouldn't work, I asked the neighbors across the street if we could use their van. Once we were all buckled in, I said, "To the mall. And step on it."

As we rushed to the mall, I explained my enthusiasm. I had learned that if I took five friends with me to the mall, where we had to walk around and around the mall about a dozen times, that we would all be truly blessed. The mall merchants would take note of the group of us and they would bestow great riches upon us. We would get a gift card, a computer, and a car!

We all know that if I pulled this stunt my neighbors would think that I was insane. They would, at the very least, contact my husband at work and tell him that I needed to see a doctor. They might even call for emergency assistance, because grabbing them by the hand and forcing them into a vehicle to rush to the mall to receive untold riches just isn't a sane thing to do.

But those same people and thousands and thousands of others gladly responded to crazy emails. They forwarded an email to dozens of friends, just because the email said to do so. And because the email promised that by forwarding it, some large company would know they were doing so and would reward them greatly. Or some huge conglomerate will know they forwarded said email and will donate thousands of dollars to helping a child with medical expenses.

I think we need to fear our computers. For some unknown reason, whether we are students, parents, or company executives, we lose our common sense as we sit facing a screen and our email inboxes.

Like robots, we automatically forward emails to everyone in our address books just because the words on the page in front of us request that we do so. If the message also says that something magical will occur when we comply with the request that we forward the email within 60 seconds to dozens of people - and someone has added a note that says, "This really works!" - then we are even more apt to follow the crazy instructions.

Have you ever wondered why people who can be bright and intelligent individuals in the "real world" suddenly become so gullible when it comes to email chain letters and forwards?

I think there is someone behind every computer screen who hypnotizes each one of us. I think the government is behind the whole thing.

Now excuse me while I finish reading this really great email. It says that if I forward it to all of my friends in the next few minutes, everyone in the world will be healed, a new car will be delivered to my door, and I will win seven international lotteries.

It also says that if I do not comply that I will have to drink buttermilk seven times a day for the rest of my life. I happen to like buttermilk, but not that much. I better get those emails forwarded right away.

If you are not sure about the validity of an email, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can check.




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