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by Smee
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Competition entry. About a man caught within the bowels of a dystopia. Can he escape?
Originally for a competition. The prompt that inspired the story is as follows :

Category Two - Drama/Action/Fantasy. The main character must be fighting against a Dystopia (worlds like Equilibrium that the government and society have gone horribly wrong). You have the option of making the main character gay or not. If you do, you get bonus points


It's a Man's world

I'm a good citizen. The Leader told me so himself, once.


After being led through cleansing, and security checks on my meds history I was led through to his office. Of course, we were still separated by a magi-shield, but he looked me right in the eye. Handsome man, the Leader. Smooth cheeks, strong jaw. Crystal blue eyes. Aside from being the Leader, he was the sort any man would be proud to call his partner.

Did the Leader have partners? An idle thought. Perhaps he was too busy. Such a great, and busy man. But then it was direct from the book of the Leader that all men should make time for pleasure with partners. It relieved stress; kept a man from getting distracted, from being unproductive. It was our duty.

I felt sweat bead on my forehead as his stare continued to meet mine. I'd be punished for my loss of control. Unnecessary sweating was a waste of moisture. Water that would have to be replenished.

Suddenly he had smiled.

"May I offer you a drink?" He'd said.

Before I could reply, an aide in a tight, black suit (that correctly displayed his well built physique, as per regs) handed me a crisp, cold, glass of water, open to the air!

I greedily slipped at the delicious liquid before I remembered myself and thanked the Leader's generosity. Already I could feel the wonderfully pure coolness flowing through my veins; flowing as swiftly as my love for the Leader.

"I understand you were most helpful recently in apprehending a pair of criminals, guilty of the most vile of crimes."

"Yes, Leader."

Vile indeed. And the utmost in irresponsibility. I'd had to volunteer myself for a course of Revitalisation after witnessing them. They had stopped taking their meds... the ones invented by the Leader to prevent the most horrific diseases from spreading across the globe... and were caught in an act of 'stress relief' not taught by any clinic.

It was only when I went to make the arrest that I'd discovered the true depravity. A fellow soldier had held one of the men, whilst I'd gone to hold the other. I'd grabbed an arm. It was soft, formless. As I'd pulled him upwards, to place wristlocks on, I'd seen the breasts. Twin mounds of flesh on the chest, so unlike the hard, contoured perfection I knew and loved.

"You're hurting me!" The voice had been as soft as the flesh, pitched in pain. I'd dropped 'her' as if bitten, contaminated.

"It's a flamin' wo..woman." The word came as difficult to the lips of the solider as it would have to me.

A word we'd only heard mentioned in our schooling. Filthy creatures that led fine men astray; led them into acts that should be exclusively between partners. If school had been correct (and I had no reason to doubt it), once coupled with a man, they could even use foul magiks to grow Younglings inside themselves. Younglings that hadn't been conditioned for the Leader's work. That didn't follow the Leader's teachings.

I could barely comprehend such twisted things, but staring at 'her' on the floor naked, I could see all her flaws as I'd been taught. Almost hairless body, mutilated genitalia, inefficient mounded chest, impractically widened hips, weak arms and legs. So many differences from the Leader's perfect form. No wonder they were outcasts, banished to the Below. To see a woman here was a heinous crime in itself, but dwarfed by the greater crimes of 'her' acts on him.


"You have my thanks for stopping it Solider. You are a good citizen."

And there my audience with the Leader had ended. He'd turned, so gracefully, and left the room from the other side. The magi-shield had remained. I was permitted to finish my water, which I did with gusto. Then I was led back out the same way I'd entered.


It seems so long ago he'd told me I was a good citizen, but it has only been six months. How things have changed since. So often now, I find myself hating him, hating what he'd made me. Made all of us. Yet, my memory of his smile is so clear. All so confusing.


'Her' was held in the dungeon below the Soldier enclave awaiting the Leader's justice. Even after my Revitalisation, I felt a strange curiosity to go look upon her again. Being involved with 'her' arrest granted me access if I desired. One evening I did.

On entering the corridor that led to 'her' cell I'd met a recruit carrying a tray of food. After establishing it was for 'her' I relieved him of the duty and took the tray from him. He was well shaped, and young; his strong chest displayed as was correct for his rank. I told him to make his way to my quarters and wait for me. I'd need the chance to de-stress after this I was sure. His face lit up, for I am not unattractive myself, and an officer as well.

'Her' was in one of the last cells. On the way I passed many men guilty of breaking the Leader's laws. All were restrained to the walls, fully clothed from head to toe in a shapeless grey material, designed to hide their form and shame them. I ignored them. Arriving at 'her' cell I found her equally chained to the wall, but naked. It had been deemed that this would be equally shameful for 'her'.

Placing the tray on the floor I pushed it through the slot on the bottom beneath the iron grille before stepping back to unlock the door. It opened with a clang, and I stepped inside.

"They think sending someone more attractive to feed me this swill, will make me talk?" 'Her' voice was still soft, but held an edge to it that I thought I recognised as fear. Some part of me was shamed at her finding me attractive, but I also felt a bit of a thrill. I should have spotted the danger sign then.

"You don't remember me then?" I asked.


"Yes, I felt a need to see you again. And the Leader be praised, I am allowed. Will you eat?" I said gesturing to the food. 'Her' nodded, 'her' eyes looking me up and down. I picked up the food, took up the small spoon and filled it with the broth.

"You wanted to see me again?" 'Her' asked between mouthfuls.

"Yes. Deprived, and disgusting as you are, you provide no more danger now, and I would see again that spoken of in my teachings."

"No danger, yes." 'Her' let out a curious sound then, I can only describe as a purr. I felt a twitch in my manhood.

A sudden boom sounded out the time, and I realised that it was MedHour. The recruit would be waiting for me, and I needed to take my pills. I quickly filled another spoon and shoved it towards 'her'.

"Come, eat quick. I must leave."

Still 'her' eyes were roving, looking down.

"So soon? Please, the bread, I want the bread."

With an impatient sigh I tore off a mouthful of bread and fed it to 'her'. Followed by another. Again came the sound. It was so...satisfied. So, content. Again came the twitch; this time I noticed. So had 'her'.

"Kiss me."

There was no trace of hardness, fear or anything else in her voice. Just pure softness. It melted through me softer than a summer breeze. I tasted broth, and dirt, and something else. Something flowery, fruity. With a shock I pulled back, only then realising what I'd done. My first thought screamed that there was nothing deprived or vile about it, that it was right. But this was instantly drowned out by the mantra’s of my training. By the wisdom of the Leader.

I dropped the tray and ran. I didn't stop until reaching my quarters. I slammed open the door and entered, thoughts still flying. It was with some shock I saw the recruit there waiting for me. Naked, and lying seductively on my pallet, his manhood fully erect. From nowhere bile rose in my throat, and I only just managed to order him out before running to the chamber pot to vomit. Emotionally worn out, and sick to the stomach I could do no more but fall on my bed and sleep.

The next morning dawned, and for the first time I woke with a headache. The dull throbbing made thinking hard, and I wondered what it was. It was some time before I realised I hadn't taken my pill the night before.

The night before!

Like a wave crashing on the beach, the memory flooded back. I'd kissed, kissed a woman! I expected to feel dirty, disgusting. I'd broken the number one law aside from harming the Leader himself.

But I didn't feel that way. In fact, as I remembered 'her' soft lips, 'her' delicious smell, the headache faded as if magiked away.

What was wrong with me? How could I find such a deformed figure attractive? Had 'her' infected me? I needed to see 'her', to see if 'her' had done this to me. Standing up I found myself still dressed from the previous night. I left my room and ran back down to the dungeon. The guard only looked at me admiringly as I walked past, down the rows of cells. I dismissed him as I had the recruit the previous night.

I reached 'her' cell.

"What...what did you do to me?" I stammered, out of breath.

'Her' looked up, staring right at me.

"I love you."

The words rang through me. 'Love'... an archaic practice from the deprived times before the Leader. What need was there for love, when a man could pick any partner he wanted to relieve himself with? Or so I had been taught.

Said by that soft voice though, it spoke of another meaning. Of something more than relief. I felt dizzy, and staggered against the bars. 'Her' called out to me in surprise.

"It's s'ok," I slurred. "Jusst the pillsh wearing offs."

We'd been warned of the side-effects of not taking our pills. As well as becoming susceptible to any number of diseases, we'd find ourselves dizzy, disorientated and sick. Now I knew it also suppressed desires, as well as enhancing other desires.

"I know," the soft voice said. "We can help you, if you free me."

It took some time for what 'her' said to filter through the dizziness. At first I recoiled, as my brain tried to cling to the years of conditioning. But with the placating effects of the pills fading, the conditioning began to lose its potency. 'Her' loved me. 'Her' could help me. But I had to help 'her' first.

It took some fumbling with the keys to open 'her' cell. Even more to unlock the iron bindings on 'her' arms and legs. Once free 'her' rubbed 'her' limbs, letting out litle yelps of anguish as circulation returned.


I woke up in a bed. I was naked, I noticed almost immediately. My head felt clear, clearer than I ever remembered. Light was coming from somewhere, but not sunlight.

"Morning sleepy." A soft voice said.

I rolled over on to my side. Lying naked beside me was 'her', looking spectacular.

"Call me Marie."
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