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When nature married stars to moon and sun.
"Live each season as it passes."
~ Henry David Thoreau

When Nature married stars to moon and sun,
Her form was gowned in agelessness sublime;
So seasons, as they pass, give pause for none
And glance not backward o’er the path of time.

Our vision’s tunneled forward, straight ahead
Toward what we wish to find, or do, or see;
But Now, eternal, silent, calls instead
For us to simply listen, breathe, and be.

Inside the Silent Mind all creatures sigh
And, smiling, walk as one from birth to death
With eyes as wide and guileless as sky;
Perfection captured under every breath.

The seasons' simple lesson of release:
What’s born on Earth is certain to decease.

Inside the palm of Spirit, all are one;
In every written word, a craft of rhyme.
When no one loses, everyone has won
Where none are hated, there is never crime.

From cyclic season’s journals we have read
And with their whispered winds they hold a key
But we’re as deaf as it's gone unsaid
When all along, their words could set us free:

That everyone who lectures tells a lie;
Of language, the enlightened are bereft.
The blessed age of Silent Mind is nigh
When not a single frightened soul is left.

The flawless flight of faith gives rise to peace
When Mind’s frenetic utterances cease.
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