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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #1282455
4 girls from 4 anime are about to have an "uplifiting" picnic.

Outside in the bright sunlight, 4 different girls from were gathered around sharing a picnic. It all started when Sora had gone out for the day for a picnic. Knowing that she had packed far too much food to eat by herself, she decided to call up a few of her best girl friends. Remembering that Ino was taking some time off from her ninja training, she had called her up to ask if she was in the area. As luck would have it, Ino was free to visit her best friend for an all girl picnic.

At the same time, Ino invited her close friend, Jun Tao, over. For Jun, it couldn’t have come at a better time, as she needed some time away from her younger brother Ren, who was ranting on about the “day he would finally beat Yoh Asakura.”

Finally they contacted Misa, who always seemed to brighten up every place that she came to. Her cute and bubbly personality heavily contrasted with her gothic style of dress, but the other girls agreed that Misa needed to be here as she was just fun to be around. So now all 4 girls were sitting in the cool green grass, enjoying the delicious food Sora had made for everyone

First, there was Ino Yamanaka, a 15 year old Chunin level ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha and member of Ninja Team 10. She had long blonde hair done up in a ponytail and was dressed in a two piece purple ninja gi with fishnet bands on her arms and legs.

Secondly, there was Jun Tao, female shaman of the Tao family and brother to Ren Tao. She wore a black and green chine dress over her voluptuous busty figure, and her green hair was done up in a bun at the back.

Thirdly, there was Sora Takenouchi, the Digidestined of Love and partner to the bird Digimon, Biyomon. She had short red hair, and was dressed in an olive green junior high school uniform.

Last of all, there was Misa Amane, wielder of one of the supernatural books known as Death Notes and assistant to Light “Kira” Yagami, who also wielded his own Death Note. She had long blonde hair with two thin pigtails sticking out on both sides. She was dressed in little black gothic dress covered with zippers and a large belt around her waist, along with fishnet stockings and garters on her legs and long black velvet gloves that reached her elbows.

“Mmm, those sandwiches were delicious, Sora,” Ino said happily, wiping the crumbs off her face.

“Misa-Misa could’ve eaten more,” Misa commented cutely, “But then her belt would probably pop off,” she giggled and patted her stomach.

“I agree,” Jun Tao said as she swallowed the last bits of her lunch, “That was quite filling. Anymore and my dress would’ve ripped.”

Sora reached into the picnic basket and rummaged through the remaining food, before taking out some backed goods. “Anyone for muffins?” She asked sweetly, hading the muffins out.

“Mmm! Misa-Misa loves muffins!” Misa chirped cutely as she took a bite into one muffin.

“These look appetizing,” Jun said as she raised her muffin to her lips and bit into it.

Ino happily started to chow down on her muffin, enjoying the sweet taste of the baked delight.

Finally, Sora took a bite of her own muffin, not wanting it to get stale.

As the girls ate their desserts, 4 pairs of eyes watched them intently and curiously.

“They’re doing it…they’re eating the muffins,” an energetic voice said.

“I know, Tai. But, it took this long for them to get to the baked goods, how troublesome,” an unenthusiastic voice commented.

“Oh, do be quiet Shikamaru,” a harsh voice commanded, ‘it will be worth the wait!”

“This will be interesting to view indeed,” a sinister voice agreed.

After the girls finished off their muffins, each of them started to feel a little odd in certain areas of their body…

Jun Tao lifted her hands up to her chest. “Oh dear, I suddenly feel a little short of breath…as though-Huh!?” Jun suddenly felt a growth in her chest, pressing against her delicate hands. She looked down to find… “M-My breasts! They’re g-growing!?” Jun Tao’s D-cup breasts had suddenly begun to blow up like balloons underneath her dress. E-Cup….F-Cup…G-Cup…Jun’s dress couldn’t take the strain of her growing orbs of flesh any longer. Jun stood up worriedly as she hears a loud, slow ripping sound from the front. The collar of Jun’s china dress popped open and the neck line slowly began to burst and tear at the seams, exposing more and more of Jun Tao’s growing cleavage, much to her embarrassment. “S-somebody do something!” Jun Tao panicked, suddenly noticing that she was beginning to lift off of the ground. “My breasts….they’re….they’re full of…helium!?” *RIIIIIIIP!!* *the front of Jun’s dress burst completely and her now I-Cup breasts bulged out, covered only by Jun’s stretching black lace bra, and she was now floating in the air by her balloon breasts, as the rest of her dress fell to the ground, leaving her in her lace bra and panties. Jun desperately hugged her massive bra-clad boobs, but could barely get any modesty from it.

Ino was laughing her head off as she saw Jun fighting the “battle of the boobs” in mid air, before she started to feel a growing pressure in her belly. “Oooh…that muffin really mad me feel…full?” She placed her hands on her belly, and looked down only to watch as her belly bloated up like a balloon, first making it look like she had a bigger lunch than she already had, then looking as though she was pregnant with twins or triplets, until going beyond looking pregnant as her belly was becoming a fleshy beach ball, her expanding waistline causing her belt to creak and groan in protest. “NGH! My belt! Somebody undo my-!” *CRACK!* Ino’s belt burst off, her growing belly, fwoomping outwards. *POP* Ino’s purple skirt burst off next, revealing yellow cotton panties with blue polka dots on them. “No! I don’t want to become fat! Somebody let the air out of me!” Ino squealed in embarrassment and tired to cover her panties, but her inflating belly blocked her arms from doing so. Finally, Ino started to lift up into the air, her belly acting like one big balloon, as she soon joined Jun up in the sky. “Help! Get me down from here!” She cried, flailing her arms and legs about as her belly continued to expand.

Misa stared at her helium filled friends in wonder as they underwent their inflations. Before she could say anything however, she felt an odd tingling sensation in her butt. “Eh? What’s wrong with my..b-butt!?” Misa turned around, to see her normally small butt suddenly bloating outwards from underneath her little black dress, followed closely by her hips. Placing both hands on her inflating derriere, she felt her dress tightening and rising a little and grabbed the hem and tried to pull her skirt down, not wanting her underwear to show. But the rapid butt inflation made it all in vain. *CRACK!* Mis’a belt burst off her dress, unable to take the strain of her growing bottom. *RIP!* Misa heard and saw the back of her dress split open from the hem, revealing her purple silk panties to the world. *RIP* *RIP* The sides of Misa’s dress could no longer contain her growing hips and burst away. *RIP!* Finally the front of Misa’s dress ripped at from the hem up, completely exposing Misa’s stretching purple panties. “Nya! My panties are showing now! I-AH!!” Misa began to rise into the sir, butt first, joining Jun and Ino in floating in mid-air with her own inflatable assets.

Sora was staring in awe and confusion at her three inflated friends, wondering just WHAT the hell happened to them. Was it something in the food? Nothing happened after they ate lunch, then they had the- That’s when it hit her. It was the muffins! Something in the muffins had made them inflate; possibly helium by the way they were floating. And by the gassy feeling spreading throughout her body, Sora knew that she was about to inflate last. Sora’s belly started to blow up first; actually, her entire torso seemed to be blowing up. As she grew bigger around the middle, Sora felt her breasts and bottom follow and her short skirt slowly began to rise up, while her limbs started to feel the expansion as well. Soon, Sora suddenly felt herself rise into the air as her bloating belly caused her little green skirt to lift right up past her bellybutton, and flash her stretching white cotton panties with red hearts on them. “Oh no! My underwear!” Sora tried to reach down and pull down her skirt, but her arms were starting to become immobile as they grew thicker with helium. Her bottom inflated bigger and rounder along with the rest of her, stretching out Sora’s panties even more, making it easy to count the hearts on them, while her legs and thighs spread apart, and growing wider as they filled with helium. The ribbon on Sora’s blouse gradually loosened and untied itself, while her blouse buttons were popping off one by one at the expense of Sora’s expanding breasts. *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* Sora’s inflated bust line bounced out for the world to see covered by her heart print bra. Sora now floated next to her 3 friends, round and spherical, her uniform in ruins, her bra and panties exposed to the world and her limbs almost completely sunk in.

In the bushes, the 4 watchers rose out of from their hiding place, pleased with what they saw.

The brown-haired energetic Digidestined, Tai Kamiya, grinned a she looked up at Sora from above. “Wow, those helium pills really did work. Sora’s look so cute and sexy as a balloon. Hehehe, I always wondered if she had hearts on her panties.”

The purple haired, harsh Shaman, Ren Tao grinned with satisfaction as he looked at his sister. “Hahaha, I wonder what Lee Bailong would say if he saw her now with such enormous breasts.”

The unenthusiastic spiky haired ninja, Nara Shikamaru, allowed a small smile to curl his lips, “You’re right Ren; this WAS worth it. It wasn’t so troublesome after all. I’d love nothing more than to caress that full belly Ino’s got.”

The short haired sinister looking Kira/Death Note wielder, Light Yagami smirked as he watched Misa. “I must admit, Misa certainly has a very sexy butt when it’s all inflated like that.” He chuckled evilly.

The 4 boys all shook hands with one another and chuckled, before resuming watching the inflated girls float helplessly and fuss over their current conditions.

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