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by Perch
Rated: E · Sample · Drama · #1283132
This is the begining or introduction of a story that i have started to write
It was a day that Jack Brinto would never forget.
The doctor came out of his office with a look of amusement and wonder on his face.  His white labcoat had the creases as if it had just been ironed.  He stepped beyond the door then started looking around.
“I’m Here” Jack said, his voice sounded groggy, the doctor hadn’t recognized him because his eyes were now red from the tears that had been streaming constantly for the past half an hour.
The doctor then nodded and walked towards Jack, shook his hand and gently directed him into his office.
The office wasn’t too big, the solid wood desk took up half the space, and Jack could have sworn that there was a scent of oak in the room.  There was an out of date computer on the desk, a model from a couple years back.  The hum of the computer’s cooling fan had a calming effect all of its own.  Jack took a seat across the desk from the doctor, who he now knew was named Minskei, from a nametag on the desk. 
“Your son is a remarkable boy...” Dr. Minskei started,
“What’s wrong with him doctor, how is it even possible...” as Jack slowly sank down into the seat.
“I can explain it to you but you have to stay calm, it’s a little… well, complicated”
“Complicated? He’s 14 years old and he’s getting back pains and joint problems like a 40 year old, it makes no sence…”as Jack was starting to get frustrated Dr. Minskei had pulled out an old paper folder, why he seemed to use old things Jack didn’t know, but the sheets inside the folder were fresh, they were actually printed just seconds before Minskei went to find Jack. 
“Jack, your son is… well John is different from normal boys his age, you might have noticed over the years how his marks in school and overall outlook has been very high and well educated, he’s a very smart boy, especially for his age.”
“Well, yes, but he tries really hard… and how can that be messing up his body like this…”
“Jack, we’ve found that your son seems to have a minor growth issue, his brain is developing ten times faster than it should be… Jack, your son…John…your 14 year old boy… has the intelligence of a 28 year old…”
Jack just stared in plain shock, he didn’t understand half of what the doctor was telling him, what difference does it make that he’s so much smarter? Jack wanted to know why his boy wasn’t as healthy as he should be, there were no injuries, no lack of nutrition, there’s no cause for this.
“But Doc, what does that have to do with…”
“John’s physical condition?” Minskei finished for him,
“Well Jack with his brain growing at such a rate the rest of his body is trying to catch up, and it’s trying to grow and develop muscles that aren’t ready for developing, and it’s causing massive growth pains as well as muscle and joint problems.”
Minskei paused to let it sink in, Jack seemed to calm down a little, he sank back into the chair, it’s a good thing that Minskei had recently replaced his old wood backed chairs with these ones or Mr. Brinto would be facing some back problems of his own.
“As Johns brain continues to develop in this way his body will continue trying to catch up to him, this may, and I’m sorry to have to tell you, but it looks like it will lead to his body not being able to perform all functions properly sometime around his 40th birthday.  But by then your sons brain will have the capacity to think beyond what is possible by anyone, other than your son, living today, he will have the intelligence of a 120 year old and it will be as sharp as a knife.  Your son will be one of, if not the, smartest man on this earth.”
The look on Johns face was a mixture of confusion, sadness, and amazement all together. 
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