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by Luna
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1283697
The continuious of When Strangers Meet.
I finally showed up at work, I really didn't feel like going in there. Well there's nothing I can do about it. So I got my suitcase from the backseat and walked into that place where they keep my paycheck.
"Amara, where have you been?!" Professor Butler screamed. There was a student of mine and her parents in Professor Butler office.
"I got caught up with my High School." I replied in confusion.
"Well than sit down." Professor Butler said in a stern voice, "Well you remember Marie's parents, don't you Amara?"
"Yes of course!" I piped up, "Please to see you again Mr. & Mrs. Little."
They both nodded there heads but looked at Professor Butler while they were nodding there heads. I was still in confusion.
“Amara, Marie had done something that she should’ve done and she trying to pin it on you.” Professor Butler still said in a stern voice looking at Marie.
“I’m listening.” I said glancing at Marie. Marie just looked at me with an evil look.
“Mare said you taught her the most difficult evil spell named…”
“The Milan spells.” I interrupted.
“Yes.” Professor Butler said raising his eyebrow.
“I was writing it for my studies, and left it on my desk by mistake, my apologize Mr. and Mrs. Little.” I said in a serious but apology tone.
“My daughter said you were teaching her that spell, which I don’t want my daughter learning black magick.” Mrs. Little said in a snotty mean tone, wait she always spoke like that.
“I’m afraid I did not, I left it on my desk for my studies.” I tried to explain to her but she wasn’t listening.
“I want Ms. Amara fired for exposing this dark magick to a minor!” Mr. Little shouted in an angry tone.
“No, I won’t fire her she the best teacher we’ve got.” Professor Butler replied, “I’ll switch your daughter classes immediately, Amara I’m afraid you’ll half to be suspended.”
“That’s not good enough!” Shouted Mrs. Little, “I will not let my child be exposed to such an evil teacher.”
“Mom stop it, it was my fault for finding the spell!” Marie shouted, “I was curious and I looked at her desk cause of a picture I wanted to see.
“So you stole the spell from me?” I asked raising my eyebrow.
“Are you calling my daughter a thief?” Mrs. Little asked in a meaner tone.
“No, I just want to get to the bottom of this.” I replied in a clam tone.
“I did take it without permission mother.” Maria confessed.
“Marie you lied to me!” Mrs. Little shouted, “You said she gave it to you!”
“I thought it would get her fired!” Marie shouted.
“Why do you want to get me fired Marie?” I asked calmly.
“Because you gave me an F for a friendly position!” she shouted, “My parents were mad at me, so I thought of a way to get you back. That was the only way!”
Her parents, Professor Butler, and I just stared at her.
“What?” I asked raising my eyebrow.
“I wanted to get you fired so I thought of a way to get you fired.” She repeated.
“Marie!” shouted Mrs. Little, “We weren’t disappointed. We just knew you didn’t try hard enough.”
“But still I wanted to be perfect for you!” Marie shouted bursting into tears, “I just wanted you to be proud of me.
“If I could interrupt, you could always retake the exam Marie.” I said nicely.
“I can?” she asked.
“Of course, I said anyone can retake it if they wish, don’t you remember?” I answered back.
“I wasn’t really paying attention, I guess.” Marie said in a regret tone. “I’m sorry Miss. Amara.”
“Its fine, it just a misunderstanding.” I said.
“I still want her fired for learning a dangerous spell for minors to see.” Mrs. Little interrupted.
“Your daughter admitted that she fount it, Miss. Amara said she left it on her desk by mistake.” Professor Butler said, “The most I can do is suspend Miss. Amara for 2 weeks as for Marie she has 5 days of detention.
“My daughter didn’t do anything wrong though.” Mrs. Little protested.
“She invaded a teacher’s privacy by going through her things. 5 days of detention or 5 days of suspension you pick.” Professor Butler said.
“I guess detention for you than Marie, and 5 days of no phone, TV, or friends over.” Mrs. Little said.
“But why?” Marie whined.
“No buts.” Mrs. Little snapped, “Thank you for you time we must be going we got a big day tomorrow.” Mrs. Little stood up and left with her husband and daughter.
After they left Professor Butler and I looked at each other other for a few minutes.
“Looks like I should leave.” I said interrupting the silence.
“No, not until the Wicca meeting tomorrow, you need to meet the mystery guest.” He said.
“Very well, tomorrow is Friday. I’ll see you at noon.” I said leaving his office before he can say another stupid shitty thing.
He never does let teachers stay if they get suspended, he usually tell them to leave. I guess it good he’s letting me stay for the Wicca meeting. I want to meet the mystery guest. So right when I got home I ate, did homework, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and went to bed to await for the next day.
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