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A "what if" moment that upon reflection, I believe will historically prove to be accurate.
Just a thought I wanted to see if any others found plausible.

A snippet of news today caught my attention and reminded me of prisoners held for years in Cuba. Not by Castro, but those from Sept. 11th, held at the US base.

Obviously, the lie that they were being held as useful pieces of information has been outlived. No one captured over 5 years past could hold anything useful about activities of today or the future.

Perhaps, instead, their captivity has purchased the United States the freedom of direct attack. Not indirectly, as our government would have us believe, through the intelligence gathered, but rather, DIRECTLY.

"What if" our government has purchased our safety with the imprisonment of a few? What do we do with that information?

"What if" our government has negotiated a treaty of sorts with the terror cells? It would not be the first time an enemy had been created to serve a purpose. Nor would it be the first time that we have employed terrorists ourselves to do our dirty work, or further an agenda.

It's a "what if" that I think will prove much more accurate than I really care to think about.
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