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Positive direction with candel pins.
At the Bowling Center.

    Muzzy is bussy spraying dissenfectant into a pair of bowling shows. He has
worked every position at the Bowling Center. Today he is handing out bowling
    He hands an attractive couple their bowling shoes and smiles:
"These should fit!" The couple are happy to recieve their shoes and make
their way to the bowling allies.......
    The wall phone to left side of Muzzy rings... Muzzy answers it quickly
and with good posture: "Yes? This is the Bowling Center. How may I be
of service?"
    "Very nice greeting, Muzzy." a familiar voice responds, "Its Abby,
please come to the office." Muzzy hangs up and asks Jeramey to take
his place.... The walk to the office seems is tence with worry...
Muzzy knocks gently on the door... which is adjare. He peers into the
office, Abby is tapping on her IPOD...."Please have a seat."
She points to the wooden chair infront of her metal desk......
    "Please shut the door behind you." Abby asked with a steady gaze.
"How long have you worked here?" she continued camly.
"I guesss two years." Muzzy studdered neverously...and smiled.
"Your work is oustanding." she smiled back, "I have a plack for you."
Abby reached into a deep draw on the right side of her metal office desk.
and handed Muzzy the framed plack with inscription: GREAT JOB AWARD
    Muzzy held the plack with both hands on his lap and tears came to his
eyes; "This is ..... soooooo nice...(sniff)." Abby quickly moved from behind
her desk and rub the back of Muzzy's neck. "You've earned it." she said
firmly. "I wish I could give you a raise, but it isn't in my budget. Muzzy,
your pay is too high for our Bowling Center.+" Muzzy looked up at Abby
puzzled, "I'm fired?" ......
    "Muzzy ...... Jeff can do your job for less pay and he's partime."
Abby continued rubbing Muzzy's neck. "He doesn't want any benifits.."
"He's 16 and living with his parents." Muzzy interupted, blowing his nose
into a tissue Abby had given him.... .... "Yes." Abby took a deep breath,
"Would you like some candy?" she slowly offers a bowl of candy to
Muzzy, who is now hunched over his plack with a white knuckle grip
on the silver frame... "Thanks...." Muzzy takes a @Bull's Eye.
    "Listen. You can still work here... only partime for half the pay." Abby
responce was stiff.... She had started to rub both sides of Muzzy's
neck with both her hands... "I ... I guess I'll stay. I don't know what else
to do." Muzzy rub the sides of his silver framed plack.
    "Good!" Abby shook Muzzy's shoulders with both hands. "I need you
to sign this acknowledgement of your cut in pay and hours."
"Okey-dokey." Muzzy quickly signs the waver of legal action... ....
Abby returns to her cushioned steal chair with the document in hand...
"Well! I think Jeff has to go home and do his home work. Muzzy,
thank you so very much.... Now, back to the shoe counter!"
Muzzy rises slowly with his plack in his left hand... "Don't forget to shut
the door!" Abby churps with a broad smile....
    "We need a fresh can." Jeff haulers at Muzzy. Muzzy knods and stops
at the broom closet. He picks up a can of disenfectant and leaves his
plack on the shelf... ...

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