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I hate spiders!!!!
Black Spider

The dark house was full of laughter, and music, the kids on the computer watching You Tube, the glow of the computer screen the only light illuminating the dark room. I stood in the doorway, and noticed the black object on the white molding above them.

Turning the light on I sighed. "Oooh, big, black spider," I said, pointing to it.

"Kill it mom," the oldest said, as all three boys scattered from the room.

There's only one spider I can appreciate, and that would be Spiderman himself. If only he'd pop in and take care of my little nuisance, I'd be problem free.

I went and grabbed the stepstool placing it underneath the arachnid, then grabbed some Kleenex. The size of the ugly thing would need at least three pieces, I fathomed.

I opened the stepstool and climbed up the two steps, moving closer to my prey. Why is it, that a 5'4" woman was afraid of a 1" spider? Where was the logic? And honestly, what the heck did I have to fear? I sighed, looked up at the black thing waiting so calmly for imminent death.

"You can do this." I stacked the three pieces of Kleenex on top of one another, folded them in half, then in half again, in case its guts splattered. I certainly didn't want any of that on me.

I reached up, ready to squash it to oblivion, when it jumped, deciding it wasn't time to die. The black spider sat on my chest as my body shook. I hate spiders! Did I mention that already?

I brushed the spider off my shirt and it fell to the floor. My son flew into the room, stomped on it with his tennis shoe, and smiled. "Good job, Mom."

So much for bravery!

word count: 298
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