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The hardships in life become so overwhelming that the girl drowns inwardly
As the rains of discomfort trickled down around me I stood defiant and strong. The icy waters ran down my spine and caused me to shiver involuntarily. But I remained indifferent, determined to out last the simple drizzle. Through the constant drips I could sense something greater, more powerful coming, but pushed the flooding thoughts away. The rain grew heavier, pounding down on my shoulders as I pushed on in hopes for the storm to end. Rather it grew stronger. It tore at me ravenously, and cackled as it gathered in pools. The sleeks fingers grabbed at me feet and I stumbled, growing weary. But the wind was relentless and would not calm until it drove me to the ground. There my face fell heavily into the mud that entangled my hair and grasped me tightly with thick bonds. As the rain settled I broke free and trudged on in hopes of shelter. I came upon a dry lake. The waters ran into the ground and filled to the brim, lapping against the shore viciously. I fought the urge to run and strode into the water. It slapped against my calves and beckoned earnestly. I became pulled into the voices that beckoned so sweetly and plunged in. But I could not fight the fierce waves to return to the surface. I sank lower into the frigid depths as dark hands clutched my legs. A long known friend drew near to me and clung to my hand, but I turned away to fight the watery beasts. I looked up as my lungs burned and the sky grew farther away. I looked below me and dove farther to reach the bottom and thrust myself upward. I felt below me, but there was no end. A flimsy substance brushed my feet and I thought to plant my feet on it, but it broke away. I gasped for air and the water rushed into my body. I felt the cold wet extinguish the fire in my lungs and my eyes grew heavy. I shook my head as the soft fingers caressed my face forming a fog around my blurred vision. My limbs grew numb and I turned to my companion. But I could not see, nor could my hand feel. I screamed in anguish, but the water held no sound of my pain as I drowned within.
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