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by Anna
Rated: E · Poetry · Teen · #1284485
Darkness....a way to escape?

Sitting here, wondering.
Darkness, what is it?
Closing you’re eyes, wanting waiting,
Wanting to fade away bit by bit.

Or is darkness a time.
When all hope seems lost,
The times when you’re waiting for a sign.
One that tells you that your life is really worth a son’s cost.

Darkness; a cunning sudation,
A way to turn off your thoughts, an escape,
The day to day nagging to do drugs, sex, the pressure a way to stop all the temptations
A way to run from that mental rape.

Is darkness just the way to describe evil and good?
Light is used to show a beacon of hope, and darkness grief?
I guess I’ve never understood.
When darkness is used to shelter me from the mess I call my life.

Good is meant save us from the darkness, bring us light.
But I say, darkness is the solitude the safety of being able to dream.
Maybe there are two kinds of dark, a place where evil lurks just out of sight.
But also the night; where the time passes in a lazy stream.

So now I am thinking…
Why do I run from the darkness when it’s the only time my life doesn’t go wrong?
Light only blinds, hiding trials and troubles that have been since the beginning
Darkness, an escape from light, a time where the world’s quiet enough to hear life’s song.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1284485-Darkness