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A short play for my English class, my dog learns to talk
3-25-07                                                                                                    Levi Grudzinski
Period 1                                                                                                    Hon. English

         The setting is in the living room of my house.  The pet is my 5 year old Border Collie named Synder.  We have just entered the living room after Synder has been swimming in the lake.
Levi: Come on Synder, lets get you dried off.
Synder: What?
Levi: What?
Synder:  I said… what.  Hey, I said… what.  I said what I said what yes I finally did it isn’t it great?
Levi: No
Synder: No what?
Levi: Ok, what is going on?
Synder: Alright, just give me the benefit of the doubt ok?
Levi: Okaaaay.
Synder:  I have been absolutely dying to communicate with you and mom.  You see now that I can speak, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been intelligent during my life.  In fact I bet their is a lot of things that you would like to ask me. 
Levi: Yea?
Synder: Shoot.
Levi: Ok, what are you saying to other dogs when you bark out the car window?
Synder: Hey baby! what do you think?
Levi:  Does a dog wagging its tail really mean it’s happy?
Synder: No it’s what we do when we are working fiber through our system.  Come on I know Levi.  Ask some questions with some meaning.  Just in case this goes away.
Levi:  What do mean?
Synder:  I’m going to return to my previous statement: shoot.
Levi: Alright, why is it that if you are sleeping next to me or sitting on my lap, and I am petting you but then I stop, you go crazy and get very needy and clingy?
Synder:  Why would I want you to stop petting me?
Levi: You know theirs something deeper there, with a that look in your eye.  And you wanted me ask you something serious.
Synder: Alright, alright.  I came to our home when I was just four months old.  My previous owner, Maude was a very lovely old lady.  She would hold me every night before she went to bed like the baby I was, and still am.  During the snow I sat on her while she gently stroked my neck.  Just as I was falling asleep, the fingers that were running through my fur slowed, and then stopped.  Wanting her to start again, I rolled off her lap and looked in her face.  There was nothing in her eyes, and nothing in her.  I went up for adoption and you and mom finally adopted me two weeks later.  I don’t like the petting to stop, because I think of when it never came again.
Levi: Synder, I see.  I’ll pet you all you want.
Synder: Bark!                 

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