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Rated: 18+ · Article · Comedy · #1284892
Review of movie daft.
The U.S. confrence of Catholic Menopuasal Bishops review:
                                    MUZZIES OUTING

Rev. Happy Pants
Catholic News Services

      The movie begins with Muzzy eating a salad on his veranda. A
  strange voice eminates from his pants asking for "walkies."
  Suddenly, a giant phallus burst from Muzzy's pants and propells
  him onto the front lawn. Within minutes we are treated to a ballooning
  that places Muzzy atop house size balls.

      The plot wobbles as the media and a crane are called in to
  move the spectacle to an airport hanger; repleat with firehose
  wash down. There is a disturbing scene, when a band of teenage
  parochial school girls break into the hanger in a frenzy of mischief.

      Jessica Alba, plays Dr. Twinkle Toes an expert in mutations.
  Jessica and Muzzy have a tender love scence as she examins
  his prostate in a scuba suite. There is full female nudity.

    The dear doctor becomes obsessesed with Muzzys giant Pogo
  and imagines it is speaking to her in Swaheeli. She posts testaments
  from Pogo on the internet. A harem of massage therapist swarm over
  Pogo. An orgy ensues in a milky pool. This reviewer lost her appetite
  for popcorn and ate her straw.

    This film is blatantly pornographic and should be viewed only
  by party girls. It is rated: five slaps to the face and shame on you.
  Jessica Alba has been nominated for an Academy Award for her
  scuba love scene.

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