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What defines an urban legend?
I've actually taken two minutes to think about this!

Urban - adj. Of, living or situated in, a city or town

Legend - n. Traditional story popularly regarded as historical, myth

Addmitedly, My 'Award Winning Illustrated Dictionary' lists the current president of the US as Richard Nixon, but I'm going to go with this:

You can't have an Urban Legend set in the county-side. It's not Urban. So all those axe murdered victims are just axe murdered victims - not Urban Legends.

Town and city dwelling is really only a product of the whole industrial revolution thing, unless you count ancient citadels. Sooooo, technically you could call nearly all myths and legends that weren't set in the countryside an Urban Legend - even Jason and the Argonauts.


Well, forget the dictionary and lets assert the Dictator instead. Me. My word is now law and MY definition of an Urban Legend is this:

Something made up to cause an 'Oh, no! Really?' effect within the student community.

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