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Rated: · Monologue · Other · #1285170
A girl struggles to deal with the pain of the lies around her and the voices of her tears.
    The tears come quickly and they fall. Deftly, they hasten to trickle down my face and into the corners of my mouth. I taste the salt and listen to the inaudible racket inside my mind. I listen and cringe at the shrieks of anger and pain. They pound the binding walls of empty silence with closed fists. Tears scream in hurt and confusion and I cover my ears to be rid of the inhuman sound. They call out in the silence, saying everything and nothing. Every word is lost in the water that falls on my chest. Each bitter drop of fire disappearing into the blanket draped around my shoulders. My hands grasp the edges of the frayed covering and I pull it closer for warmth. It seems to smother me, but I can not feel a thing. The blank tears numb each emotion until I am in possession of none. My soul is simply overflowing with the emptiness. So full that it pours out my no longer trusting eyes. The tears wander in mourning down my cheekbone.
    Yet the emptiness is not without a form. This form is a lie. A dirty, wretched lie in a clean, watery form. Each lie is overwhelmingly empty, but taking up so much room. Such room creates the empty evil of man. The evil that lies in the shadows of human nature. Such lies crouch with their sinful bellies to the ground. The dark smiles dance savagely on their deceptive lips. The smile grows longer until is appears to wind around the face of the beast. It pounces. Quickly, silently, the dreadful lie pounces from the mouth of man.  It follows the lies of all of those that came before it to hunt its prey. I see the evil and once, felt the burning anger towards the lies. But now they fill the room and hang on my shaking shoulders. They press softly with such soft, sleek hands. And my tears fall. Held back for so long, they now plead for freedom with voices that torture. The inaudible droning, moaning tones that only I can hear. As they protest the wickedness of man in agony and fear.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1285170-Screaming-Tears