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Slum Clearance. Urban Sprawl. White Flight. Cheesy Suburban Development!
nineteen sixty-two, I-75
came rolling into town through the city’s west side
Heard something rumblin' as the highway rolled
bravely on through the mess of mosquitoes

Taming the jungle, cutting the weeds
Smoking mosquitoes out with factories
Don’t have to go die, but you can’t stay here
This land is zoned for industry and retail

Over the river and up on the hill
People got bit and are bitten still
Got swollen up and they left in a huff
Their cars were replaced by the big city bus

All of the people who left it behind
expanded boundaries out on each side
The tame new land was a perfect bore
Far away from mosquitoes and the rotten core

After a while those people have kids
As they get older, mosquitoes move in
Sell your house when see just one
There’s a hundred more hiding out to take your blood

A new horizon, a new ring on the tree
A new generation is mosquito free
Further out still, they have it all:
A lifestyle center, a brand new strip mall

If you want to make cash, let me advise
Buy land on the edges to subdivide
Make a quick buck and away you go
Got to stay a step ahead of those damned mosquitoes
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