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My thoughts on God.
          What is God? Science defies God, yet religion says God is a supernatural being that created everything.  Science seems more practical, logical, and real. However, religion does have reality too as well. What about all the stories, and miracles? They couldn’t have been made up. Well, maybe God isn’t what we think God is. Perhaps God isn’t a supernatural being. What if God isn’t a being at all.          
         Some people say God is up, or God is everywhere. If God is everywhere then God couldn’t be a being. Air is everywhere. Maybe God is like air. Maybe God is an element, or a force of nature like gravity. That does make sense if you think about it. God could be a force of nature that has been around since the beginning of time that started everything. God could be a different kind of force that controls everything, even our lives through to our deaths. Heaven could be a different dimension, or a parallel universe that the force of God takes us to.
         On the other hand,  God could be a feeling that dwells in our hearts, and gives us hope, love, fear, and the will to live. And in our times of pearl, God comes out, and “speaks” to us like our conscious. God could be part of our souls that isn’t always noticeable, but sometimes when we really need “him” “he’s” there-- or maybe God is both.
         If God is natural, a part of the circle of life, then all his miracles are natural as well. Not natural as in ordinary, but naturally occurring. For example, the red sea splitting. How could that possibly have happened? No natural force (unless gravity went crazy) can do that. However scientists have found that earthquakes happen around that area, and when they do happen, the water of the red sea lowers. That could be the red sea “splitting”, and God’s way of creating miracles. Now, the sea didn’t split of course. Then remember this story is thousands of years old, and like the game of telephone, stories can be exaggerated in some parts. Miracles aren’t magic. Along time ago they could have simply been unexplainable natural occurring phenomenons that today science can explain.
         God’s miracles could be earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and eclipses. They explain many of the great miracles. Like the plague of darkness could have been an eclipse. However many of these destroy, except they also create. Like the Chinese ying and yang, for every good thing there is a bad thing. If God creates beautiful new lands the old lands will be destroyed. A baby is born, and someone dies.
         This is a different way of thinking, and many people might disagree with it. People usually don’t accept difference, because they are already used to the way they think. We fear difference, perhaps its because deep down we’re afraid the different thing is right. And we have religion because we fear that if there was no religion, where would we turn to for answers? The religions of today are not logical, unlike science, but people need unlogical answers because the logical ones are scary, but what if God isn’t as mysterious as we make “him” out to be. What if time has altered the stories in our bible a little. What if science simply explains God? What if God is logical?
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