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Kayla sighed deeply as Kaitlyn came in and out of the room.
"Will you stop already? You're making my head hurt!" Kayla screamed.
"Nope!" Kaitlyn laughed.
"Act your age! We are not twelve any more you God damn bastard!" Kayla replied
"What the hell's your problem?" Kaitlyn stopped running in and out and glared at her best friend.
Kayla groaned. "I'm moody leave me the fuck alone!" she stood up.
Kaitlyn smacked her across the face "Whatever. You've been this way even since you turned fourteen!" she said, pissed off.
Kayla nodded. "Well it's not my fault. Blame god!" she said, sitting back down.
A loud knock came to the door. "Oh crap. Better not be some sales person. God damn." Kaitlyn went up the stairs in a grouchy mood.
Kayla sat there for a minute and then walked after her.
Kaitlyn threw her fists up in the air. "Guess who's here?" she said.
"I don't know. Who?" Kayla asked.
"Um....Wes" Kaitlyn said.

Kayla fell over laughing. Kaitlyn kicked her. "Shut up moron" she said.
She opened the door. "Hey Kaitlyn.Haven't seen you in a while" Wes said with a wink.
Kayla looked at the two and laughed some more.
Kaitlyn backed off "Wes? How in hell did you find out where I lived? I moved." she said raising an eyebrow in confusion.
Wes approached Kaitlyn. "After you left..I realized how much I really like you." he smiled wickedly.
Kaitlyn looked at him. "Are you high?" she asked.
Wes chuckled. "No." he moved closer
Kayla stood up "Oh! Get some action here. I'll go get some popcorn!" she laughed, dashing down the hallway to the kitchen.
Kaitlyn shook her head in disappointment. "So how have you been doing? I haven't seen you for like two years man." she sat down on the stairs.
Wes sat beside her. "I've gone so crazy without you Kaitlyn.I've missed you and your emo ways." he said.
Kayla ran back in with a bag of popcorn.
Kaitlyn tripped Kayla. "Dude whats your problem?" she asked.
Kayla fell flat on her face. "I don't know. I was born this way." she stated.
Wes looked at Kaitlyn. "Want to go back to my place? My parents are out of town right now." he asked.
Kayla looked up at Wes and Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn couldn't resist. "Hell Yeah." she said.
Wes smiled. "Let's go babe" he took her hand and led her out the door.
Kayla watched them go...

Kayla's cell phone began ringing.
"Hello?" Kayla said.
"Hey Kayla.This is Jon" the voice on the other side said.
"Oh hey. What's up?" Kayla asked while walking down the stairs back to Kaitlyn's room.
"Nothing much, Chris wanted to know if you wanted to come with Chris,Amanda,and me to the mall" Jon said.
"Sounds cool.But How am I going to get there?" Kayla said.
"Amanda could pick you up. Let me call her and see." He replyed.
"Okay,Call me when you know" Kayla said.
"Okay. Bye I love you" Jon hung up..
Kayla sat on Kaitlyn's bed bored as hell.
About twenty minutes later her phone rang, she answered it.
"Hello?" she said.
"We're on our way" Jon said.
"Thank god. I was dying of boredom" she said.
"What's the address?" Jon asked.
Kayla told him the details.
He hung up.
"God damn it Kaitlyn! Come back already" Kayla screamed.
Something came rolling down the stairs and hit the door with a bang.
Kayla opened the door and saw Shontya.
"Oh my god. Another stalker" Kayla said.
"Um no. Apparently Lacy is in the hospital" Shontya said.
"What the fuck? Why?" Kayla gasped.
"She got high and sort of wandered off" Shontya saud,
"Are you sure that wasn't you?" Kayla asked.
"We got to go see her!" Shontya yelled.
"Alright let me go get some real pants on. I'm not wearing PJs to a hospital." Kayla said,
"Okay,Hurry" Shontya went up stairs to wait.
Kayla quickly changed into some jeans and met Shontya at the front door.
"Ready?" Shontya asked.
"Sure,If you'd called freaked out ready then yeah I'm ready" Kayla said.
A white car pulled up and Jon stepped out.
"Jon! Oh my god!" Kayla ran to Jon and hugged him tightly,
"Hey Kayla." Jon said hugging her back.
"Jon...Shontya and I have to go see a friend" Kayla said.
"Oh who?" Jon asked.
"Lacey Olsen" Kayla replyed.
"Okay.I guess that means the malls a no go?" Jon said.
"Yeah,Sorry" Kayls said walking down the road toward the Local Hospital.
"Bye!" Jon called after her.
"See ya later" Kayla said.

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