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NeoChristians' warped ideas send our nation sinkin' into the stinkin' NeoSwamp
I am NeoSchooled by comments (in quotes below), mainly from critics of my biting political poem listed in the portfolio as "Poetic Torch Scorches the NeoCon Agenda"
----- I then ***Translate- to the real message they are sending me. .

"Do you have any idea what the founding fathers came here seeking?"
"lesson... This country was founded by people seeking religious freedom..."

***Translate- Tyrany of a NeoChristian majority is green-lighted here by the Founders.

"The founding fathers wrote: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;,,,'"

***Translate- If we want to use our NeoMajority status to make our belief system into the laws of the land, the NeoConstutution backs us here too..

"This is a far cry from the religion bashing that goes on today..."

***Translate- with corporate-owned NeoChristian-leaning conservative radio stations outnumbering progressive stations by fully 9 to 1, NeoChristians are still SO persecuted by that last shrinking, stinking 10%, that is still able to so secularly brainwash the whole nation!

"Please, stop desecrating the flag and totally disregarding the actual text and spirit of the Constitution. Open your eyes, ears, heart and mind to the truth that is available to anyone who is willing to do more than just parrot back what our pathetic national media has spoon feed them as facts! "

***Translate- Question or oppose the Neocon agenda, and you are a desecrator of THEIR Neo-Flag and ignorant of THEIR Neo-Constitution. There is no concept of Minority Rights included in their Holy-Spirited version of the theocratic Neo-Constitution either. If you're not With God -- then you're Against Him, you evil scum from Hell. Our "pathetic national media"? --- that happens to be wholly owned by just five Neo-Corporations. OK I guess we need to have JUST ONE NeoCorp running ALL the media, then we will finally start to hear the real NeoTruth!

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