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She has been hurt by men and in turn has hurt herself. Should she try again?

Our eyes met first on a dance floor.
You were smooth, aqua blue,
loving life, safe to swim in.
I am a storm with white caps.

A squall moves within me,
thrashing against walls.
If you care, hold on tight,
a crack could cause a downfall.

If gentle is your need, pursue a lady,
whose dreams you share.
She will cradle your heart,
not give one cause to beware.

Look closely for I am stolen love.
Kind words are lost in churning winds.
For many men who touch me,
are left broken without strength to mend.

The penance of caring for me,
is deep seas of turmoil.
First I take you into smooth rivers,
then we swirl rapidly over a dam.

I am not sure what I need.
My heart does not trust well.
Bruised, broken, tattered and torn,
fighting blindly is a reflex I own.

Could I take a chance? Should you?
I have burned bridges, shattered hearts,
I am a wild child , born full of rage,
no place left for love.

Tenderness is a slow dance.
I have to start with baby steps.
Perhaps, someday I will waltz,
please do not step on my toes.

By Kathie Stehr
Chosen for Romance Newsletter August 2008
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