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my personal webfolio that deals with my current course of study

Michael R. Student Webfolio
Lesley University Calhoun, GA
My field of study is Technology in Education. My current course of study is Assessment and Technology. The program that I am currently enrolled in is Education Specialist in Technology in Education.  My current course is required for an Ed.S degree.  Before taking classes at Lesley University, I was enrolled at National University in Inglewood, California.  I received my M.S. Master of Science degree in Special Education.  Prior to that I did my undergraduate work at California State University, San Bernardino where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development.  Also, I attended Riverside Community College where I majored in Early Childhood Studies.  After completion of that program I received my A.S. degree in 1997.  The program at Lesley University is a distance program that I attend online and at a cohort campus two weekends per month.  My plan is to complete my Ed.S degree and go on to a PhD program by 2009.
ECOMP 6102 is the fifth class that I have taken at Lesley University.  The class is about assessment and technology in education.  This class covers evaluating your own assessment experiences while considering the real purpose for assessment. Through this course I have been introduced to a wealth of information and knowledgeable researchers (Dr. Stiggins) in the field of assessment.  My instructor is extremely knowledgeable in the field as well and she brings to the table a depth of experience that is unmatched in education.  Our midterm project was most challenging because we had to write an essay on reasoning ( Reasoning to Learn).  I recommend the program and the course to serious students/educators that want to enhance their professional development and understanding of assessment. 
Professional Career
I am currently employed at J.J. Daniel Middle School in Marietta Georgia.  My specialty is SDC/LD which is dealing with mild cognitive learning disabilities in reading and other content subjects. I also have a credential in health/physical education.  My current career emphasis will allow me to step away from special needs and focus upon teaching a general curriculum subject.  I have a beautiful wife and three lovely daughters.  The demands of career and school require me to remain active without complacency.
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