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Some rambling about my fall from fiery advocate to flaccid consumer.
Somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost the passion to fight for a cause. 

Instead now I find myself frequenting global business chains because I enjoy the music they play and the comfortable lounge suites and carefully mismatched chairs that their clever marketing departments have selected.
I seem to ignore, rather, remain ignorant to, their impact on the world and the consequences of giving them my business.

A decade ago I would have argued to the death any old cause, just for the righteous feeling it gave me for caring, even if I didn't really.  As long as it appeared as though I was an affected, passionate and informed individual with a fire in my belly for change, for righting the wrongs.

I guess the problem was that I realised that I was not informed; but only after losing many arguments to other individuals that appeared to be informed.  Well, more informed than myself.  They were able to support their arguments with facts, and in some cases, figures, which had most likely been found in the business sections of newspapers.

I think I realised what a fraud I was, what a fake activist I turned out to be, when I hadn't the drive or will to sift through the tedious 'informative' sections of the paper.  I was always overwhelmed by the many quotes, cross references and statistics that plagued each article of any interest to me.  So I gave up and sought refuge in the numbing pages of pop trivia and entertainment and just stopped arguing; stopped disagreeing and started enjoying the security of a product being delivered with satisfying consistency, no matter which town, airport or country you are in.

This is my Saturday afternoon in Starbucks.
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