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by fyn
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What I should have read when I am dead.
Fyn, being Fyn,
when she departed this earth
did so with panache,
and a great deal of mirth.
She's gone to that Publishing House
up in the sky
for a one on one meeting
with the Editor-on-High.

Before she left
she wrote this out
for me to read
(and have no doubt)
she wrote with a smile
doing as she loved best
until the final chapter
of her novel existence went to rest.
She's gone now,
ashes to dust
but she left the following
for us in trust.

She's left her words,
her poems,
her stories,
as others leave photographs
of all their glories.
You don't see pictures here
scattered about
instead she wanted
her poetry out.

Here printed and matted
or written in script
are the word pictures
of her ninety year trip.
Words were how she
interpreted living;
the sublime, the ridiculous,
the abusive, the giving.

'Tis a personal testament
through her eyes
and her heart--
her joy and her grief
clear back to her start.

She called me to come
see her a week ago;
said I should read this,
and not look at her so.
She said I would laugh when I saw
what she wrote
and thus here I am,
reading this note.

Fyn called me friend,
dear and true.
She said here's my meology-
must read this and tell
all who come
I will live forever-
be forever young
though a part of me
is now useless and dead,
my mind will live on
if my words be read.

I've been a pebble in many a shoe,
a ready shoulder to more than a few.
I've been daughter, wife, lover and mom
and I'll still be those things
long after I'm gone.
I've changed your diapers,
cleaned your rooms,
loved you, fought you,
respected your grooms.
I've lent you money,
and borrowed it too
and I probably still owe
a couple of you.
I've loved and I've lost
and I've loved again,
but most special of all,
I was loved by Ken.
In that I was fortunate,
and most assuredly blessed.
We shared joy and laughter-
a simple bliss.
I have no estate
to leave behind,
nor mansions nor cars
just this piece of my mind.

I want no red eyes-
so save your tears
for ecstactic happenings
over the years.
Don't be afraid to really love,
to experience passion, to follow a dream.
Go after things important to you
for the days fly faster than they might seem.
Take some of my words
when you leave here today
as my ashes take flight
on the wind's wild ways.
And as the next chapters
in your lives begin
occasionally, maybe,
call to mind your dear Fyn.
You're all worth five stars
and I've rated you such...
thank you all, my dear friends
who have given me, so much!


July 14
Prompt Subject: Write your own eulogy
Word(s) to use: pebble
Word(s) not to use: eulogy, death, died, pass(ed, ing), remember, memory(ies), good, happy, life
Other requirements/restrictions: none
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