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by DC
Rated: E · Column · Cultural · #1291191
Strange world

The recent incarceration of Paris Hilton is on of the most covered news stories in America. It saddens me that these irrelevant events can grip an entire nation. American culture idolizes the least important figures in society and places them on a pedestal , just to watch them fall. Celebrities are treated as gods in American society , their heightened status gains them access to things that the average person can only dream about. Whether it be entrance in to the hottest clubs, free clothes , meals and gadgets , celebrities get it all. While the homeless and the poor are left to ponder "why?". It seems absurd that someone who dresses up and "plays make believe" in front of a lens should be awarded with not only a massive income but free clothes, food and electronics, while teachers are paid dismal amounts for an undeniably more important job. Americans sit in front of their television sets and watch glamorous stars stroll down the red carpet , in hopes that someday they can reach that type of status. Not only is this wrong, but quite depressing to think about. Celebrities enjoy huge award shows dedicated to recognizing the already recognized performer. America's obsession with celebrity will no doubt be the downfall of any real culture left in the country and will leave a legacy of obsession and worship for the generations that follow.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1291191-America