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This is a poem about my polynesian heritage and the ancient warriors of my culture.

'Ei e!, 'Ei e!
Ancient ancestors gather by my side
This land is ours
These traditions passed through families
Respect; Honor; Love

Never will our home be taken

Ancestors give me strength
Keu mate ai he ko hoku loto
My home I will defend
War comes with the sun

Brothers with me, stand in strength
No soldiers here; we are warriors
The blood of Tonga fills my soul
Ancestors strong in might

Ke 'ilo 'e he sola mo e taka
We warriors prepare
Taught the ways by trusted hands
Ancestors brave and true

This blood to be shed; crimson blood of warriors
Sons of the mighty
Given for family:
Respect; Honor; Love
Keu mate ai he ko hoku loto

Never will this home be taken

My family, be strong
Opposition comes at dawn
Peace be in your mind
We stand waiting

Never will my home be taken

Explanation of language:
Keu mate ai he ko hoku loto (To death or victory my will is fine)
Ke 'ilo 'e he sola mo e taka (Let the foreigner and sojourner beware)
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