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This is my short thesis on weight and body issues targetting girls as well as boys.
I have been doing some thinking over the past few weeks, and i have realised the following;
A majority of girls today feel as though they have to change the way they are in order to impress.... impress who?? .... guys? their friends?   The only person you should feel you have to impress or satisfy is yourself and no-one else!
If you feel unhappy with yourself and wish to change that is entirely up to you, but please do it for you. 'True beauty is on the inside' - you may see that as a pointless cliche but it is the truth.
I deeply disagree with adverts and commercialisation that send messages to teenagers regarding issues such as their weight. What gives total strangers through the media, the right to think they can control the thoughts and feelings of people and their appearance?? ... NOTHING
All of these modelling magazines that are published everyday across the nation, or programmes such as: 'Britian's Next Top Model' are showing people what 'the look' is and that it is size 0.....well it isn't! There is not and never will be 'one look', we are all beautiful, and we each have our own look.
If your thinking, well what ways do they portray that message well I will tell you...
1. The modelling programme's show the judging process and how they narrow down the search for their 'top model'. The area they seem to concentrate on are: weight - the model's can't be over 9st for the majority!
It is so discriminatory because girl's who audition and are nice and curvy get turned down. It gives off the impression that girls with that figure are not good enough. BUT YOU ARE!
Would you want to look unhealthy and anorexic or would like to be curvy and sexy?
2. In addition, magazines have articles that send subliminal messages to girls to make them think that they should change their appearance and weight for their boyfriend's. This is wrong on so many levels!
Teenage girls mainly, are influenced by the media more than people think. This is because they are more vulnerable as opposed to women of an older age. So, they naturally believe the concept of changing to please their partner's is ok!
However, surely you should think  'well he should love me for me'  -  because he SHOULD no matter how you look and whatever your weight. For the majority of the time, personality is what attracts the opposite sex NOT appearence. I mean, yes it counts but for a very small amount - fact!
It upsets me to think that girl's and indeed boy's go on diets, stop or avoid eating and undertake extreme exercises.....for what?? to become thinner?? .. but when will it stop?. So, take a good look in the mirror and think to yourself 'I am beautiful, I am special and no-one should make me think otherwise'.
Talking from personal experience here -  I used to feel cautious and weary of what others thought. Feeling caged, trapped and as though I am no-one special (all those negative opinions of myself) you know, the phase alot of teenagers go through.
.....Then I opened my eyes and finally realised that there are many worse off than me and that my problems are trivial compared to those less fortunate. Since then, I have accepted myself for who I am, and became alot more confident in my physical stature and work with what I have. It just took me a while to see it, but i saw it.
The only thing that matters, is how you percieve yourself. Forget others opinions of you. You are who you are and if you feel comfortable and secure in your own skin, let no-one tell you otherwise.
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