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“We will never forget.”
                                Ruins of The Great Library
                                          By Larry Appleton



    The Third World War was a dark chapter in the history of The New Order. Humanity was nearly destroyed and it took more than two thousand years to recover from the devastation. The use of nuclear weapons rendered the planet a complete wasteland. The lucky ones died instantly in the final battle. Survivors struggled with radiation poisoning, starvation and disease. The scientist’s, recognizing the impending disaster, compiled all the known technology and locked the information in a time vault. It was hoped that this effort would speed up the recovery of the human race, assuming of course, anybody survived. As it turned out, humanity did survive, and little by little, the populations increased, and communities joined together to share scarce resources. Animal and plant life returned to the scorched planet, and the communities began to thrive once again. The Elders found the time vault and opened it. The information contained within was foreign to them.  However, they began to study the items, and began to understand some of the science that it protected. They established what is now known as the New Order in an effort to bring mankind back from the brink of extinction. Eventually the citizens of the New Order, united under a federation of states, now spoke with one voice. A common theme used by the citizens is a phrase recovered from a book located in the ruins of the Great Library, “We will never forget.”  This is used as a constant reminder of the dark ages in their past.
 Ruins of the Great Library  (13+)
Chapter One: City of Towers
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