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The year 2043, gang members are causing a lot of trouble for cops.

The night was silent. Not even the sound of a bird nor a cricket. The S.W.A.T teams moved quickly and silently through the trees and bushes. The pirates had gathered here in the woods to plan there next attack on the cops.

The S.W.A.T and police officers were like soldiers these days. They fought pirates as if they were at war. Since 2009, some sixteen year old named Henry Vasen and fifty gang members who called themselves pirates had hunted down and killed cops. During 2009-2023 you would have to be crazy to be a cop. The life expectancy for a cop was probably five to six weeks, seven if they were lucky. In 2024, S.W.A.T were equipped with newer technology.

They had helmets with a G.P.S system that displays the battlefield, Stronger shields and the new corner gun that can fire around corners without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

During 2009 and 2023, the pirates numbers grew from fifties to hundreds and when 2019 arrived thousands. Pirate raids on prisons were mostly the reason why their numbers grew.

The government saw them as only a gang that couldn't do any real damage and Henry was ready to show them how wrong they were. In 2022, Dec. 27 Vasen attacked a NEVADA military base with fifty men armed with only AK-47s. The Nevada base had a job to warn missile bases of enemy rockets and aircraft.
Henry's troops killed the security with ease. Henry only had seven casualties.
All personal in the base were killed.

When the government learned of this they sent marines and Bradley classed tanks to block the only exit and entrance. A long tunnel that stretched one mile.

Henry called his fellow pirates storm troopers, named after Adolph Hitler’s personal bodyguards, for the way they stormed the base.
January 1st, 2023, Henry blew the base.

The marines searched the rubble of the base but found no trace of Henry Vasen or any of the other pirates. They were believed dead. During 2023, S.W.A.T teams had killed more and more pirates, but S.W.A.T casualties had also mounted.

To avoid detection, the pirate's thousands had split up into squads of five and spread across the states. For a marine, a S.W.A.T or a cop, the name Henry Vasen was enough to make somebody slam something, whether a drink or a table.
Laws were made that if you were convicted of being a pirate you would automatically be hanged.

"Just like the old days." Cops would joke.

The present day May 13, 2043 the S.W.A.T moved through the woods targeting their victims. And at once the firefight began. Many pirates fell on the first shot. S.W.A.T casualties were few. Copters were in the air firing 50 cal. machine guns at the cops. They blew up as a JSF stealth fighter/bomber flew over and fired sidewinder missles at them.

A JSF was invisible to most radars and missiles and had the fire power of a b-2.
In moments the S.W.A.T and JSF cleared the woods of pirates.

This is too easy Allen thought as he moved a piece that looked like a chess piece over another and knocked it down.

Chris Garcia was extremely happy, he had shot twenty-seven pirates and that was five thousand dollars each to his paycheck.

He heard explosions outside followed by gunfire.

Chris and Allen came running outside and saw a pirate run into the middle of S.W.A.T groups with an AK-47 on full automatic fire. The S.W.A.T were so surprised they hesitated before firing their corner guns.

Every S.W.A.T was either on the ground scared, stunned, or dead.

The pirate ran into the woods dropping an empty AK-47 as he ran. Chris and his partners ran after him.
The pirate turned and dropped a grenade and a few smoke grenades, turned around and kept running.
Chris waited for the explosion, then him and the other two Swats ran after the pirate.

Chris turned around to check if the pirate was behind him and a fast moving projectile hit him right in the skull. Chris was knocked into the bushes and passed out.

Chapter one

Three cops rushed past with their guns up. Anthony Taylor stayed in his hiding spot. Anthony picked up a rock; he had done this at least a thousand times. Anthony hurled the rock at the back cop. It had hit him straight in the skull knocking him in the bushes. Anthony scrambled over to the cop taking his gun and some money out of his wallet. He glanced at the name plate, it said Garcia. Anthony had no idea why he looked at the name.

Anthony ran towards the bushes, hiding as the two other cops came running back. Anthony saw the cops get a kit and help the Swat he through a rock at. He looked to his left and saw a man with black hair, blue eyes and an eye patch.

Anthony flashed a hand signal at him.

"Yes!" Said Anthony. But he quickly covered his mouth.

The guy was another pirate.

Anthony moved to another bush just in case the cops heard him him. A cop started towards the bushes but the other pirate said "We got to get him to the hospital."

The cop sprayed the bushes with bullets and went to help the hurt cop.

Luckily for Anthony the bullets mostly struck the bush he was in a second ago. Anthony and the pirate exchanged hand signals.

After about forty five minutes as they moved around cops, ducked in the bushes and finally made it to a small two story house.

"Care not to step on the wires." Said the pirate.

"Why?" Asked Anthony.

He didn't answer.

They walked into the house and inside five men looked extremely busy. One man was cooking a few meals. Two were bringing guns and ammo upstairs, another was on a laptop and one guy was looking out the window with binoculars.

"Everyone stop what you’re doing and meet this guy." The pirate who had brought him there announced.

All the pirates came to meet him except for the one in the kitchen.

"Hold on, wouldn't want this to burn." He said.

After a few minutes he came out.

The pirate said to the others "Everyone this is Anthony Taylor."

"How do you know my name?" Asked Anthony.

"Are you kidding? After that stunt in Colorado Springs and the one in Denver every pirate and every cop knows who you are." Said a pirate who was a little short, had blond hair and blue eyes.

"This is Kevin Gaimlen."

"Those two over there" Said the pirate pointing to two men who looked exactly the same with black hair and brown eyes, a little taller than him. "are Robert and Gary Lebanon."

"Hi" said Gary.

"How are yaw?" said Robert.

"This is Evan Varaski." the pirate said pointing to a guy with black hair and green eyes.

Evan flashed a gang sign and said "waz up."

"And this is Neil Heinlein." Said the pirate, pointing to a pirate that had black hair and had a reddish, orange look in his eye. There was a scar from a bullet on the far right side of his head.

"Hey." he said.

Everyone quieted down as a siren wailed in the distance.

Neil quickly went his computer and checked the satellite photos.

"Relax, just a fire truck."

The pirate who brought Anthony there turned to him and said "Anyway I'm John Cox."
Everyone started talking about escapes they had with the cops, about helicopters, cars, guns and even S.W.A.T shields they stole or hijacked.

Anthony told his new comrades about what happened in Colorado Springs, He was sentenced to be buried alive. The coffin had been made of metal so he used a candle to melt away the metal and he dug himself out.

The twins Robert and Gary made two hundred S.W.A.T teams run away once using an armful of grenades and a pistol with twelve rounds. "Too easy." They gloated.
John Cox was on the top of the Americas Most Wanted list. The cops even sent a heavily armored tank after him once. "That was a mistake" he said as he told them about how he hijacked the tank and blew up the police stations.

Neil Heinlein used to be an engineer for the military. He helped with projects like the water tank and the new C.O.P bot. At the same time he had been working for the pirates. When he saw the design, he stole it and replaced it with a fake that had all the designs wrong. When the cops found out they sent a warrant to his house but he packed up and left.

Evan Varaski was one of the best cooks in the country; he used to own his own restraunt. The Varis Pig. The cops shut him down because he was making too much money and he was putting other restraunts out of business. Varski opened his restraunt somewhere else but the cops shut him down again and sentenced him to five years in prison. Varaski ran.

Kevin Gaimlen is wanted for taking a room full of people hostages, assisted by twenty armed pirates. They were all over the news while some pirates broke into a prison and freed the inmates. After the inmates were freed so were the hostages. Keven and the pirates fought the S.W.A.T teams toe to toe. Three hundred cops were killed or injured in the fight. Only seven pirates died.

Anthony listen to the stories of his new comrades. So far, John’s story was his favorite, but Kevin’s story, he was most impressed by.

His thoughts were interrupted.

"I heard you brought back something from Denver" Said Neil.

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot" Said Anthony. He pulled out some papers."SR-71 plans" He held them up to him and smiled. Kevin glanced at the papers and then to Neil. "Are we in a gang or are we at war" he asked "I'm confused."
Robert swiped the papers and said "How much you think the Russians will pay for these?"

Gary swiped the papers from Robert. "Probably a fortune."

John took the papers. "Probably not enough, to pay for the damage we done."
Everyone laughed at this.

"There is also a project called the Flying Dutchman." Anthony said pulling out more papers. "They are building it in California; the battleship can go underwater and come back up."

"Could be useful." Said Jhon.

"I can see the headline now, pirates sail away in flying Dutchman" Joked Gary.

"Now how are we going to get these to Russia?" Asked John.

"Hijack a plane.” Said Gary.

"Sack an airport.” Suggested Robert.

Everyone turned to him.

"That could work" Said Anthony.

"We will need more pirates though, more supplies, more guns." Said Evan.

Anthony told Evan and Gary to get food and water for the attack.

Anthony told Evan and Gary to get the guns and ammo.

Neil would watch out for cops on the sattallite.

Keven would patrol the area.

While Jhon and his reputation would be too dangeress to go outside, so he would call more pirates from inside.

Everyone planned out how it was gonna be done.Jhon was getting hungry from all this thinking.

"Hey Evan, make an extra meal for the new guy."

Chapter two

His skull was burning. It freaken hurt! Chris Garcia woke up and found himself in the hospital. The last thing he remembered he was chasing a fugitive He was with his partners, Ron Klienhardt and Mike Kennedy.

Chris had joined the police force three years ago. He arrested lots of people for drunk driving and drugs. But ever since these gang members called pirates started committing crimes. Prisons had mass breakouts, less criminals were captured and more cops were dying every day.

Cops began to feel as if they were in a war. The death rate of policemen were higher than the death rate of troops in Iraq.

If anybody is proven to be a pirate or wears pirate clothes they would be hung, except for pirate themed partys or if you have one eye. Chris laughed when he read that in a law book. Anyone who killed or turned in a pirate would recieve five grand.
Chris had an idea and once he figured out how he was gonna do it. He would have enough money to be set for life.

A doctor walked in, she was blond and he guessed she was about twenty three, twenty four. He couldn't tell what color her eyes were because she was wearing sunglasses.

"I'm doctor Klien" She said "You had a slight crack in the skull, and judging by these x-rays, you were hit by a rock going fifty miles an hour."

"How do you know?" Asked Chris.

"I picked a random number, I don't really know" Dr.Klien said smiling. "But it must have been going pretty fast to crack your skull. Just keep that bandage on for about five more hours."

She walked out.

Chris put his hand on his head and just now relized he had a bandage.
Ron Klienhardt his partner came in, he had black hair, brown eyes and he was still in uniform.

"I thought you'd get killed by a bullet not a rock" Said Ron laughing.

"Oh, shut up." Said Chris halfway to a laugh.

Mike Kennedy his other partner came in carring three laptops, he had black hair and black eyes, was a little taller than Chris.

"Want to play Empire Earth?" He asked.

Chris and Ron both said at the same time "Yeah."

Even though it was more than a few decades old, it was still a fun game.

Twenty minutes later....................

Mike and Ron always teamed up on him. They had gathered there armys to attack. Chris had only halve that size. Chris thought the best way to gain an advantage in battle is to do something unexpected. Ron and Mike knew Chris to always stand his ground. Chris ordered his army into three leigons, had his army charged forward, then ran into the mountains. Ron and Mike's army chased Chris into the mountains. Chis sent two leigons left and right. Ron and Mikes army chased the third past the other two armys. The third army turned around and the other armies came from behind. Mike and Ron's armies were crushed.

Mike and Ron remembered in highschool. Chris was the best chess player in school. Except for Anthony Taylor.

Taylor and Garcia were like war machines. It was like all they knew were millitary tatics. If it had a gun, sword, or tank in it, they knew how to do it. If it had a plane however Taylor would top anybody one hundred percent. But Garcia was master of the sea, anything that has to do with boats, battleships, destroyers, submarines or carriers, Garcia would win. Put him on a wooden boat with a cannon and a few cannon balls against a destroyer and he still has a good chance.

Mike and Ron would have to use their armys to keep him away from the sea.

Chris Garcia checked his pockets for his wallet, he found it, his money was gone. "That pirate took my money!"

Well, he thought, At least he didn't take my wallet.

Chapter three

Evan and Gary were sent to get food for the attack. Evan knew about a MRE shipment route that transports hundreds of MREs. Gary asked Evan what an MRE is. He told Gary an MRE is a millitary food that gives enough nutrients and calories to keep a soldier alive for a day. Army surplus stores sell them.

Evan briefed Gary on what to do.

"ready?" Asked Evan. "Yeah." Gary answered.
Two trucks came by.

The driver looked up at the setting sun, and then to the side of the road. He saw two men with water ballons, the next second the windshield was splattered with oil. The truck drivers came out with an angry expression on their faces and were quickly knocked out by Evan and Gary. They washed the oil off the truck's windshield.

Before getting in the trucks, Gary said to Evan "Don't you think this a little too easy?"

"I know."he said. "seems almost like a trap."

They started the trucks and drove off.

In Pueblo.

Anthony and Robert put on the National Gaurd uniforms and fake name tags on and knocked on the door of the armoury. A cadet answered the door and opened it for them.

"Thanks" "Thank you" they said to the cadet as they walked in.
They walked into a drill floor. "Hurry Robert open the cages, I'll get a tank or something."

As Robert opened the cages to get the M-16s, Anthony opened the door that led to a yard that held at least thirty veichles. He chose a tank like veichle and hot wired it, drove it onto the drill floor, and then him and Robert loaded up the guns.
Anthony noticed they had the new M-202s or M something close to that. The guns had bigger magazines and grenade launcher attachments.

A cadet appeared out of nowhere.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"We're going to Iraq." said Robert.

"Thats a lot of guns for two people, isn't it?"

"Here" Anthony dug a twenty dollar bill out of his pockets and handed it to the cadet. "keep quiet."

Anthony accidently handed him a pirate flag while he was handing him the twenty. The pirate flag was used so pirates could identify other pirates. They both looked at the flag and then at each other.

The cadet dropped the flag and ran screaming into the meeting room of the armoury screaming like a phsyco, "Pirate! Pirate! Pirate!"

Anthony looked to Robert and said "I think we should hurry up."

"Whatever made you think that?" Robert asked sarcasticly.

They loaded the last of the guns and drove off as the cadets came in the drill floor with chairs, rulers and one had a wooden gun that was used for drill training.

Anthony drove the veichle right over the fence, crushing it as they drove back to Denver.

"That kid should give me my money back." Anthony said.

Ron watched in amazement as Anthony drove right over the fence. Ron got out of the car and walked over to pick up the pirate flag.

Neil bursted with laughter as he watched Anthony and Robert run right over the fence on the sattalite image. Evan and Gary were four hours away from the house and everthing was going great. No cops in sight.

There was a lot of police movment in the area, about thirteen miles away,but nothing serious.

Neil sat down and watched a rerrun of Monk for about a half hour. Jhon was on the phone calling pirates for the attack.

Outside Keven was hiding some 22LR bolt action rifles and some S.W.A.T uniforms inside a trap door. His scouting mission was going so well he decided to have a small celebration. He set down his shotgun and picked up a bottle of whiskie, he pulled the top off and the pressure from the whiskie made the top hit him in the face. He was knocked out.

Neil was gettting nervous, the police had closed down all roads that led out of the city and they were moving closer and closer.

"Jhon, I think we should." Neil said, his voice tripping. "Call for help."

"Why?" Jhon asked as he got up and went over to Neil's laptop.

Neil pointed to the screen and said. "lots of police look like they're closing in on us."

Jhon recgonized this as an old trick used to not alert pirates before a barrage of fire erupts and S.W.A.T storm the house.
"Set up everything for the defence Neil, and ready the motors." he said as he ran to the phone and dialed a number.

A voice came on the phone. "Yo ho pizza parlor may I help you?"

Jhon answered "Code 221-459-326"

Below Jhon will be talking in code, on the right will be what he actually means.

"Deliever the pizza to (he told them his position)." / "Get me out of here.!

"I'd like extra cheese." / "there is a whole lot of S.W.A.T."

"Sasuage." / "some helicopters"

"And pepperoni." / "send the pizza with the help."

Neil ran to the front door and setup a machine gun, setup one in the back and one on the top of the stairs. Jhon and Neil got to the second floor. Neil filled buckets full of steaming water and stood waiting for the S.W.A.T to try and come up.
Jhon hooked a sword to his belt and held up an AK-47 and watched as the S.W.A.T teams sneaking towards the house.

Jhon fired accurately at the S.W.A.T knowing where exactly the armour was weakest. The S.W.A.T teams were imeddiatly suprised and ran back behind the cars.
Jhon stopped firing.

More swats arrived with shields up running toward the house. One of them tripped the wire and a trench appeared. S.W.A.T tried to rush out as fire works erupted in the trench.

Jhon pulled out some heavy machine guns and duck taped them on auto fire.
Jhon and Neil each took out a peice of chicken and waited for the S.W.A.T to get passed the guns.

Allen tried to think as the hail of gunfire came down on the S.W.A.T. With that amount of gunfire he'd say there was at least sixteen pirates in the house.
Allen told Chris and his squad to figure out a way into the house.

Chris watched as the enemy fire erupted out of the house. He addressed one of his squad. "Livingston, fire right below that window!" Chris ordered over the gunfire.
The guy aimed his sniper where Chris told him to and fired.

"Now aim three feet to the left of where you fired." Chris said.

He did.

"Aim at that window with a picture of bugs bunny on it."

He did.

"Come on!" He yelled his arm pointing to the house as his squad ran forward into the house. They burst into the house and a machine gun open fired. The S.W.A.T that were still alive backed up out onto the porch.

Chris pulled out a grenade and hurled it inside. He heard the explosion and ordered his squad into the house. Chris and three of his squad members slowly and quietly made their way upstairs.
Next thing Chris felt hot water splash on him and as he screamed, bullets from a machine gun hit him and his squadmates.

Chris saw everything blurry. He saw to his left was his partner, Chris shoved him out of the gunfire as three more shots struck him. He hurled a grenade, heard the explosion and felt himself being lifted up by his hands and feet.

Chris passed out.

"Get down!" Yelled Jhon as a grenade exploded. Neil ducked down filling more buckets with hot water.
"Just two more hours Neil!" Jhon roared.
"We should be dead only an hour before that!"
(To be continued)
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