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by W.F.P.
Rated: 13+ · Outline · Comedy · #1293442
A Stoner Comedy crossed with a super hero movie.
Four pothead friends keep getting in trouble at school. Examples: Smoking cigarettes on school property, accused of being drunk in class, etc. One day one of the guys finds a bag of weed lying in a strange puddle. Since he is a pothead he ignores the puddle and takes the weed anyway. When he and the three others smoke the weed they all feel strangely high. During the next day each of the guys discover that they have each developed a special power.Once realizing what has happened they all realize that they cannot tell anyone because then they would be locked up so they hide the rest. So they continue with their lives using their powers for their own benefits often. They eventually start stealing weed from people and selling it themselves. After a while they all become greedy and start dealing weed on there own. A small group of dealers that controlled the area market before the guys got their powers start to become suspicious of the guys' success. So they follow each of them eventually they find out about the "special" weed. They get a hold of it and smoke it themselves gaining powers of their own. By this time the four guys have taken over the dealing market each controlling about a quarter of the market. The x-dealers eventually kidnap the guys' girlfriends. The four guys must make up with each other and team up to take on the team of evil dealers to save their girlfriends.The guys use their powers to defeat their enemies and save the girls. They get the old dealers arrested for drug dealing and they are sent to special jails claiming that they will be back. The movie ends with the four guys moving to mexico and moving in together with their girlfriends and becoming huge drug dealers.

The Super Fantastic Tokers
1.Fireman(Fire comes out of his hands)
2. Smoke(Can turn into smoke)
3. Grinder(Can break anything into very small pieces)

1. Tornado(Can create extremely strong winds through blowing)
2. Hydro(Can spray water from his hands)
3. ?????????
4. ?????????
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