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About living with phobia's

In my own world I live! Taking one day at a time is the best way for me.

My garden is my holiday retreat so I love to have nice things around it like my angels and fairies which have been bought for me my many friends.
Friends! Gosh I have many which is may be a good thing as I would hardly see anyone apart from my family who I dearly love.

Agoraphobia!! Now what can I say? Well it is debilitating for one thing and very scary, I have suffered so many years with it now it has taken over my life. I would not let it beat me bring up my children also many friends children who I tended to understand there needs more than there parents at some stages! I have also brought up for the past 10 years my nephew who has many problems due to a bad start in life.
Our grandchildren well what can I say? We adore them deeply they are the light of our life’s.

It makes me wonder how I have kept my marriage going it is now 36 years, my hubby deserves a medal for coping with me, my children deserve a medal also, and my friends are a big part of my life and so loving.

Oh well I will not be having much of a holiday in my garden this year with all the rain and floods we have at present, never mind there is always next year.

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