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this was something i was thinking about before i went to sleep
At the speed of life, I appear to be in living color.  Due to some circumstances that I cannot readily put all together to form a thesis I just decided to start something that cannot be finished.  I am young and independent, at least I was.  I loved today.  Good, hard work brought good fortune to my ever depleting self-esteem.  I knew my life couldnt have gotten any worse.  I was right.  Before I could think about anything I was in a totally knew world.  See I consider this one planet (Earth) in the topic of science and technology.  For this story Earth must be put aside and the world as a big picture must be picked at.  The world I left was________________.  The world I entered was ___________________.  There are a zillion different worlds that exist and each one is just a little different than the other.  At least one world exists at any given time.  Some have control over which world they are in and some live by other standards.  They proceed through many different worlds in any particular day.  I live in just one world all day and even when I go to sleep I sleep in the same world.  I never change worlds.  I thought I  would would never change worlds.  I am not a princess.  This is not "Ever After".  I am a man so it cannot be named that because in my world we dont use corny language.  I haven't lived here long enough to feel the name of my world.  My world is much different than yours.  I am a fraternal twin. 

I am full of life.  I like to run.  I ran to the moon and back. It didnt take long at all.  I stopped running to rest when i was tired.  Other than resting all I did was run.  When i was out of breath i didnt stop.  it didnt bother me.  i had gotten used to running because the moon is real far away.  i didnt see anybody on the way there.  it was very lonely.  i didnt carry anything with me because that would have been too hard to carry as i was running.  I didnt bring anything  back with me because i didnt need to.  i remembered everything in my head.  I had fun.  when i got back, i ate like a horse.  I was so hungry that i didnt stop eating for three weeks. 

I like to study.  I am writing this because it is something that i had thought about when i was going to sleep.  It sounded real cool.  I like to write.  I never used to.  I wonder what made me start.  I dont know.  The worst thing about not knowing is finding out how dumb we really are.  A lot of people study.  Some study for fun.  That is what I am doing.  I am studying now so when i start going to school AGAIN, it will not be so hard.  I am good at chess.  It makes me think.  I had to change my thought pattern.  At first i used to look at chess like a competition.  A game between two people and I had to win.  I always liked to win.  Winning isnt so different now, its just not something that needs a lot of attention.  chess is a puzzle.  It has to be put together.  There is always a good move that i can make.  Each move matters.  One bad move.  I know i will lose the game.  Its easier to lose.  I have won just as many games as I lost.

In the beginning I was doing fine.  I had everything a boy could want.  I was happy with myself and I got along with my family.  Everybody loved me.  I was a good son even when I moved out away from my family. I wanted to show them that i wasnt afraid of the world.  I met a lot of different people.  Each one gave me a little more insight into life.  I remember each and everyone as if it were ceremonially burned into my spirit.  It made me into a man.  I had fun.  Maybe a little too much fun.  Some of those people were jealous.  I could tell.  Even though they wouldnt say so.  I could tell.  It was cool.  My friends like having me around and never put me down.  I would have done anything for them if they would have asked.  I liked to represent myself and get the most out of my occasion.  I came to have a sense of responsibility.  As a matter of fact I have a son now.  I named him Ceiran.  It is Irish.  I love him.  My family is no more.  Now it is just me and my son.

This new world is so different.  It feels like heaven.  It is easier.  It is more relaxing.
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