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by Keegan
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This is piece describes the most horrific disease known to man.
Kuru is among the most horrific diseases known to man. When first recorded it was thought to be a genetic disease but that was disproved. Then it was thought to be a "slow" virus, but when electron microscopes were invented it was proven false. Scientists were at a stump. Then a breakthrough was made, Prion Proteins. All known prion dieases are fatal. Most, make the brain sponge-like, riddled with holes. Kuru proteins attack brain cells.

Consumption of human flesh transmits Kuru. A tribe on the island of New Guinea did just that- on a regular basis. Upon the death of a member, the descesed's kin (primarily women and children) were responsible for the dismemberment of the body, by removing the limbs. Then they would consume the brain and other internal organs. Why did these people at their dead relatives? Well one was for religous reasons, another was they don't want their decseased relatives rotting in the moist jungle soil, then it resembled pork, it supposedly tated good, and finally it was extremely nutritious.

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