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by Keegan
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Are we alone in the vast and empty Cosmos?
Have you ever gazed into the night sky and pondered the possibility that we might not be alone in the Cosmos? Well if you don't its like saying if you plant a trillion sunflower seeds and only one will grow. What you are about to read will make you believe the unbelievale.

Lets answer the big one first, Are They Out There? Well not counting the aliens from Mexico or Cuba we're not reall sure, but we do have a way to guess. The Frank Drake Equation. Lets begin with how many stars are born in the Milky Way each Earth Year, thats about 50. Then we should ask how many stars form planets, thats probobly 50-75% of stars. Around fourty percent of planets are habitable to earth life- thats just earth like life. About nine tenths develop life, and 10-50% may evole intelligent life. Ten to twenty percent of those may develop the capability to talk to the stars, but maybe only 5-7% actually do. Now we come to the final question, do all civilizations live long enough to make contact? We're not sure because mankind has been radio-capable for about a century and space faring for only half. That is why we can't come to a sure answer.

Assuming that they are real, is E.T. friend or foe? Honestly, I think both. I believe they would all initially come with good intintions but knowing humans they could become weary and create terryfing enemies.

Have aliens ever came to Earth? If they had, they would have left profound of subtle but in any way clear evidence of it. Carl Sagan said that "Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof," and he's right. There was no UFO at Roswell or aliens at Area 51. Although they are good stories, the the claims just don't add up. And besides why would aliens want to visit Earth? Its puny, insignifican't, boring, and its top species is an arrogant, greedy, and a self-promoting anoyance to evolution. And the only currently possible to communicate is through radio astronomy.

Although, we may be alone in the universe after all.
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