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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #1296005
Cody finds a bat and soon becomes a great baseball player.
Ten year old Cody Micheals was eager to play on the Vikings baseball team. The only problem was he could never make the tryouts. For the last two years, he showed up on the field and struck out every time.
"Maybe next year Champ." His mother told him as they walked back to their station wagon.
"Yeah." Cody replied feeling like a failure once again. Why could he catch a ball, but not hit a ball. He hit a foul ball three times in the last two years, but nothing more. Some of the kids would make fun of him, but mostly not. They knew how much he loved the game and how often he tried to make the team.
"Why don't you go shoot some hoops or something to get your mind off your troubles, and I will go start dinner." Grace Micheals told her son, giving him a slight pat on the back.
Cody walked out to the garage, one of his favorite hiding spots when he was feeling gloomy. As he was kicking some old pop cans around, he noticed something in the right hand corner. It was a baseball bat. How did that get there? He thought. His bad mood was instantly lifted. He picked it up and started swing it, imagining he was a real baseball pro. Daydreaming, what it would be like to hit a home run and everyone calling his name as he ran through first base, then second, till quickly reaching the home plate.
His mom called him to dinner and he told her what he found. She listened to his excited responses to the bat. "How about if we go down to the field and practice?"
"Really mom?" Cody asked and looked at his mom, trying not to get too excited.

When they got to the baseball diamond, there were other kids playing, but they asked if he would like to join. "I am not that good right now." he told him sadly.
"That's how we all learn." the older boy told him nicely and winked at Cody's mom.
When Cody got up to the plate with his new bat, he hit the ball on the first pitch, sending it in the outfield. The kids were amazed by how far he hit the ball.
"Son, that was some hit." a man in the bleacher said, as he walked over to talk to Cody. "Have you thought about trying out for a team?" the coach asked.
"Yeah, I tryout every year sir, but I usually don't make the team." Cody explained.
"Well let's see you hit a few more just like. I just might have a position for you on The Jackets." The coach replied with a grin.
"The Jackets!" Cody looked amazed. "You mean the Jackets with the little league pros?"
"The one and only around here son." Coach Harrison told the boy. He knew everyone need a chance. The boy could hit the ball, too. He could remember when he was that age, trying his best, but no one wanted to give him a chance.
Cody hit the next several pitches past third base. He was astounded by his discover to actually hit the ball. It had to be his new bat. It must have some kind of magical abilities.
Cody played on the Jackets and did well for himself. Never batting with any other bat then the one he found in their old garage. The day of the finals, Cody could not find his new bat nowhere. He was getting nervous and scared.
"I can not hit without the bat mom, what am I going to do?" He asked her impatiently.
"Well it looks like you will have to Cody." was her only reply.
" I can't!" he yelled. "I'm not going" he said as he ran up stairs with tears in his eyes.
Not knowing what else to do, Grace went to the nearest sports store and found a bat that look similar to the one he had without the scratches and dents. She would just have to make it look like the same one. After she fixed the bat, she told her son she found it in the back of the car. "We must have left it in there after yesterday's game." she told him hoping it was a believable story.
They arrived at the game just in time. Cody rushed over with the rest of his team, while Grace settled into the bleachers with a ice cold water and popcorn. I know he can do this. He does not need a certain bat. She told herself.
The game was tied and the bases were loaded, all Cody had to do was get a decent hit. He missed the first two pitches. What is wrong with my bat? he thought.
"Foul ball!" the ump yelled. He sent the next pitch through the air, past the fence and it was a home run. The crowd went wild and the next thing Cody knew he was on the shoulders of his teammates.
On the way home, Grace decided to tell Cody what she did.
"That's not true. I hit a home run and it looks just like my bat." he said.
"But it is not your bat. I went to Murphy's before the game and made it look like your bat, because I knew it was the only way you would go to the game." his mother explained.
"But how did I hit the ball without my bat?" he asked looking confused.
"Easy, you did not need a certain bat to hit the ball." She told him calmly, but not without a big smile.
"What about before, when I could never hit a ball?" he wanted to know.
"Well, I think you just need a little self confidence in yourself, and that is what your new bat did."
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