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Clearly, I am not the only one who recognizes this is possible. Have you ever wondered about all those so-called inventory chips known as RFID's? RFID’s are radio-frequency identification devices. Yes, those scary little microchips advertisers and marketing firms are constantly stuffing into their products. You may have noticed them on your music compact discs, or DVD’s.

Corporations involved in the protection of classified information may insist that their employees be “chipped” to ensure they are who they say they are. The Government, not to be left out, will want to use these fabulous little helpers to keep a close eye on some person of interest.

Be prepared, this is merely the beginning. Anyone who has seen the movie “Minority Report” understands the potential eeriness of these very smart chips. A shopper could enter a department store and a mannequin's "eye" could  pick up the radio frequency emitting from the patron’s wallet, where the credit cards are stored. Perhaps even the clothes on the shopper’s back, are chipped as well. The built in reader retrieves essential information about recently purchased items, and, suggest some accessory, such as a tie or handbag to go with that previously bought article of clothing.

Now, I am not a “gone over the edge” type of conspiracy theorist. No, I am your average run of the mill, maybe duck for cover when a black helicopter flies overhead, type of conspiracy theorist. However, these little micro specks of information-hunting demons, are a tad bit frightening to those of us who would try in vain to protect our privacy. Must we be tracked from the clothes on our bodies, right down to our Victoria's Secret underwear?

You may inquire, where could this lead? I pondered some of the slippery slopes looming ahead as technology continues to flourish. Beware; some of these may sound reasonable. Have you thought about putting "chips" into your pets so that they may be found if lost? Sounds great, does it not? How about babies, so that they can be tracked if stolen from the nursery? Well, that sounds reasonable. While we are at it, let's chip our teenagers, because you know how effortlessly they forget where they live. Furthermore, we will need to chip our senior citizens who may have a touch of Alzheimer’s. They have got to be notorious for taking long walks outdoors donning pajamas and slippers as traveling attire. Who did I miss? Oh, yeah, the rest of us. Equal protection under the law someone will scream. Thus, if we chip some, we must chip them all.

So what, you say? Imagine this scenario, “Big Brother” is angry with us minions. Maybe we did not fork over enough taxes to please their ever-growing appetites. So they “low-Jack” us to find out how and where we spend our dollars. (Oops! I mean their dollars--that is what they think, is it not?)  Now they can really maintain better control over us. While they are at it, they can disarm us. Oh, did you think I meant take our little old revolver or pistol? No! Certainly not. I meant arms!

Think about these evil smart chips that we may willingly allow the Government, in the not too distant future, to inject into our arms. We are talking highly efficient computerized technology. Consequently, such devices would be prone to viruses. No, not "the I coughed all night and my throat is sore," type of virus. Try to focus, here. I mean the kind of virus that wipes out memories, and crashes hard drives, which on your body is your brain! Are you getting the picture, now?

Imagine you are strolling down the street doing a little window shopping. Perhaps you are enjoying a latte at a nearby coffee shop. All of a sudden, " ka-BOOM!" your arm goes flying off. Yes, you are a victim of a "chip abuse virus." Talk about surreal. Stop laughing, it ain’t funny. Years from now, our futuristic brothers and sisters, will have no arms. Therefore, they shall not be able to bear arms. Now does it sound frightening? Hence, If you are pondering getting "chipped" in the future, you may want to reconsider.

I've got to go. My arm is getting sore. Until the next time {e,dash} hold on to your arms, and, always keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Author's note: I wrote this before there were Smartphones, and before I joined WDC. It was one of the first items I uploaded into my portfolio. I think I was onto something. What do you think? *Ha*

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