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I'm spoiled for his love, and he didn't mind giving me whatever I wanted...
How can I be mad at him and love him so deeply at the same time? One minute, I’m arguing with him and walking out of the door, and the next minute, I’m in his arms, kissing his sinfully sweet lips. I don’t get it! I’ve had too much of him to want anyone else…that’s what it comes down to.

I was driving around town, red hot with anger, just having had another famous argument with him. Twice while driving I have stopped and tried to go back to that house, but I have resisted well. But how long will that last? I have a feeling that I will eventually return. I stop at a red light, running my hand through my hair and briefly looking around. I spot a couple that almost looks like him and I, and memories rush back to my mind. God, he was so sweet. Many a time I have personally claimed that I can’t get enough of him. I miss him…I need his touch again…no, wait, I’m mad at him…right? Bah, what am I going to do? Just as I ponder a moment, the sound of honking horns from cars behind me remind me that the red light has since turned green and I need to proceed. I drive on, but only for a little while longer before I realize that I need to go back. Go back to him again.

I shortly arrive in front of the house. I get out of the car and slowly walk towards the door, hesitant. I look back at the car, wondering how it took one second to convince me back here again. I then look at the door, and continue to walk. Maybe he’s not here…maybe he took a walk around or something. I opened the door, my heart racing, and I find him standing there. Leaned up against the counter, his deep amber eyes stared into mine. And I froze. Part of me wanted to jump into his arms; the other part wanted to back away and close the door. Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing either, and that gave him clearance to walk closer to me. I trembled, knowing and wanting exactly just what he was about to do. His body was right against mine, our eyes still locked in one another’s. He went up to touch my face and I finally turn my head away. Why did I do that? Isn’t that what I wanted? No…I don’t want that!

I turn my body away from him and start to walk out again, only I can hear his footsteps behind me. I can feel his footsteps behind me. They were quicker than mine, and I could tell because I could instantly feel his arms wrapped around my body, promptly turning me to face him once more and not letting me go. Looking down, I wanted to cry. I wanted to pound away at his chest and scream. He kissed my forehead and tears fell. Taking in a few deep breaths, I could fall apart at the scent of fresh clothes and sweet cologne. I was dizzy, but not in a physical sense. I could feel his warm breaths at my ear, and it took me back to those hot nights experienced in that big bed…

“I’m sorry, Sweetie-pie.” He said. The first time he’d spoken since the argument, and he called me by his affectionate name for me. And I just loved hearing it. I loved hearing his deep voice almost call out to me. It soothed my soul. Sometimes it aroused me. But I was supposed to be mad. How is that possible with all this goodness around me?

I felt his hand caress my arm and I shivered. He gave me goose bumps, like always when he touched me. It’s like my body wanted him and my skin was a sure sign. I let out a shaky breath, feeling his hand move up my neck. My pulse quickened…if I were to look into his eyes right now, I’d be putty in his arms. I’m surprised that I’m not by now. His hand crept under my chin and he pushed my head up. I could feel my anger let up, like a spell from his eyes had dissipated all of that. I could never read him, but I bet he could read me with his eyes closed. God, he was so good. The tears didn’t fight; they just came falling down and the other hand quickly came up and cleared them from my face. My arms, which were at first limp at my sides, had now found solace around him. It didn’t take much longer before his lips touched mine, at first softly and then with a little intensity. As much as I wanted to speak up and defend myself, it felt a bit better to not possess the ability of speech right now. Oh, whom was I kidding? I desired everything about him, and I needed him!

A bit of a gasp and a moan escaped my lips when he stopped. A knee-jerk reaction, I’m quite sure. He quickly lifted me in his arms and kissed me again, his tongue tracking along my bottom lip. My mouth gaped open and our tongues met in a sudden rush of passion. Or maybe I just missed that a lot. He carried me back into the house and all the way upstairs to the bedroom. By this time, I couldn’t even remember what I’d been mad about…I just need his touch, that’s all I can decipher in my brain. I’m surprised that I could still think by now.

He laid me down on the bed gently; his body nestled on top of mine and perfectly between my parted legs. One of my hands was sliding around his back; the other was sliding through his smooth hair as we passionately kissed once more. Those lips were so damn sweet. I dreamed of kissing him for a week at times. His hands were pulling up my sun dress, caressing my body. The dress finally separated our lips, forcing my arms above my head as the dress slid over. He left my dress around mid-arms and his lips began searing kisses on my neck and collarbone, causing me to audibly gasp this time. I eased my arms from the dress and pushed it aside, sliding my fingertips down to his tie, undoing that and sending it with the dress onto the floor. Slowly, each button came undone. I pushed the shirt away from his body, caressing his strong arms. I left it on his arms and ran my fingertips down his chest. I loved touching his body; it made me feel like I was feeding an obsession. He unclasped the front of my bra and I pushed my chest upward, begging for his attention. I felt his tongue trace my peaked nipples, flicking at them with a light fingertip. Regardless if I were being teased or not, my body was on pulsate and everything that he was doing was consuming me by the minute. I had long since been very aroused by him and for him; that’s how it usually worked and it never failed once.

Butterfly kisses trailed on, reaching the waistband of my underwear. They slowly came down my legs until they too met the floor and his lips met the moist junction between my thighs. He kissed my lips tenderly, as though he kissed me, his tongue circling the hardened nub below. My hands were running through his hair again, not being able to fight back any pleasurable noises I made, despite how hard I might have bitten my lip. His tongue now delved into more heated depths and I almost lost control. I could never try to hold off when he devoured me like he did. I have torn sheets and pillows, and have caught cramps in my legs, feet, and stomach trying. But this time, he stopped, kissing down my leg all the way to my feet. I looked up at him and he was looking back at me, his eyes a little more like hazel now, giving him a sexier appeal. I looked him up and down, noticing his erection full in his pants. He then moved to unbuckle his belt, his pants following next, and his boxers last to hit the floor. And there he stood in his complete sexiness, and I was ready for him…

Our bodies magnetically stuck together again, our lips burning one another’s and our arousals begging to fulfill each other’s desires. And he linked the final connection between us, causing me to toss my head back and moan. My body was burning hot all over and I followed his rhythm, our bodies rocking as one, like one would to their favorite song. I could hear his groans and harsh breaths, thrusting deep and slow, filling me inside. My arms wrapped around his neck and back, focused on the tender love he was so good at giving. God, he was so good…

My left leg was now perched over his shoulder, and I was still trying to hold on to whatever sanity I had left. But it was becoming apparent that with him, holding on would only last for a little while longer. He put my leg down and moved behind me, now taking my leg back around him and pushing inside again. His lips found my neck and that sweet spot which made me moan louder for him, and activated it as such. I looked up at him and his lips slammed down on mine, his body moving faster and deeper inside of me. I moaned over and over again, moving my hips to an uncontrolled rhythm. I shook, letting the emotions overflow, and I burst at the seams as I came to very hard. Not too much longer could I hear his groans, his hands planted on my hips as he let go. A moment or two later, he got back on top of me, kissing me softly. My hands were on the sides of his face, not being able to get enough of him…any of him. It didn’t take any words, just looks, to tell each other that we loved one another. It came naturally, being I was spoiled, and he loved giving me what I needed.
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