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A song about the frustrations of living in a war state.

The Revolution is not fought on war fronts.
It won't be won by the one with more gun.
They can't stop it with the weapons your using.
Revolution is an element of every human.

There's not enough words in my brain to explain the hurt and the shame.
The war is on and it's in the name of personal gain.
The world is insane to allow this murder and pain
To go on and on, and it's sure to remain
Unless somebody intervenes, like each and every one of you.
Something got to be done, so what you wanna do?
It's not hard to get overwhelmed and wanna kill some of these steel
Cold robotic politicians, cuz they don't feel nothing.
It don't weigh on their conscience. It only weighs in their pockets.
It seems like they are trying to raise an apocalypse;
It makes me wanna bring it with all that I got to give
Turn rock hard and cop a glock to pop shots at them.
But it won't matter. What good is it to plot?
For every one I could have shot, a thousand more want his spot.
So, it's up to us to come up with a better solution.
But, I'm not saying there ain't goin be no revolution.


Hold up. Slow your roll little soldier.
I know it feels like the world is on your shoulder.
But before you go off to face the forces of darkness,
You need to know; the revolution, it starts with us.
Know where your heart is. All change must begin within us.
Its fundamental that you have mental independence
And clear intentions. Focus your energies. You are an entity
Of many dimensions, so are your enemies.
You say you want war. Are you sure that you're truly ready?
Everybody says, they want to be a revolutionary.
A never ending war is what the world has come to.
But there is power in the sheathed sword. Ask Sun Tzu,
Or leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King
They showed ways resistance could be a beautiful thing.
They maintained the movement through a show of restraint.
They stood their ground and grew in their strength.


Evolutionaries, be conscious of your doings.
You have the power to create or make ruin.
Don't be fooled by illusions, make room for insight.
Bare your own light to carry you threw the midnight.
Whether clever or not, be wise and know your kryptonite.
Better know when to run than know when to fight,
So you can live to fight for you freedom. Know your rights,
So when you got the sight to see them, better hold them tight,
Cuz legislators are steadily taking liberties but
We cant let them take away our God given freedom.
Stand for Democracy, power to the people,
Though the aristocracy pushes us, know that we are equal.
Self-knowlege is the key. Its all we need to
Unlock these chains so that we can claim our freedom.
Revolutions not about war or good versus evil.
Its about being free to live love and seek truth.
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