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Getting ready for the Party in Story Oak Downs.

                                                The Party

    As I gaze into the mirror on my vanity I can’t help but wonder just what kind of a party this will turn out to be.  This mysterious stranger that has been hanging around town also makes me think of just what He wants too.  It was hard talking Bob into going this evening, he keeps saying that it might not be a good thing to go after all; I can’t get anything more out of him, just that he feels that this is strange and he never really did like surprises.  But I am so curious that I finally talked him into going and I sit staring at myself in the mirror making sure that my make-up is correct and my hair looks great too.

      It was hard deciding on a dress, who knows just how formal this party is going to be.  I finally decided that a short dress would be best so I got out my sewing machine and my surger and bought a simple pattern and some great incandescent blue material that is light enough weight to make a great dress.  One shoulder is covered by a semi normal sleeveless tank top style while the other is missing completely.  Once I saw the material the dress almost made itself, it just screamed what it was going to be and it was right, it is a wonderfully beautiful dress that will be perfect for this occasion.  Bob is his normal dapper self looking hot in his navy blue blazer and grey slacks.  With I sigh a push the chair back and stand up, grab my shawl and I am ready to walk out the door.  Let the evening begin!
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