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by eton
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editorial essay on a dream, inerpreted quantum theory/ applied to society 1stDRAFT
I awoke a different man

I don’t mean literally or maybe I did.  Every morning we alla wake at this nutrual stste. It is the decisions we make and the actions we take that determine our day, our evening and ultimately our lives and realities. Decisions that we need to make based on the feelings that arise when we pose ourselves with these questions.  “shouldI get out of bed right now, Why do I have to get out of bed at this exact moment, this exact time. Whats going to happen or not happen if I don’t get out of bed?

In this particular dream I awoke a different man. I found myself placed in a different reality. Esy to say this because, well it is a dream and dream are unpredictable and not deemed normal. Just various images of thought that fall in our minds like a scrolling film. A reality in which I had a completely different live. I had a girlfriend, lived in a city unknown to me in a world unknown to me.  Every aspect of this new place was different yet still the same. Excitinng yet I was afraid. I was unaware of my surroundings yet I knew where I was. I even believe I had a different way of thinking yet I still could recognize my “real world” natural ways of thinking.  Now, I ask myself if this was a lucid dream. On some levels yes, and on some no. While in occurance I could easily recognize this was a dream based on the content mater not in my normal day-to-day existence. However I felt as if I had no control over this dream (which was entirely in first-person perspective), what was going on, or what was to come. I was interacting with this world: conversing, walking, breathing, kissing, loving, thinking.. feeling.. doing.. acting. However I was not of this strange new world.  I felt as if I were a stranger.  As if I truly actually awoke in an Alternate Reality.

This was my dream, I was me I all of my entirety, but at the same time I was someone else.  Having no means to look at my reflection in this dream I am still unaware if I looked like me or if I were a totally different person experiencing their life from within. But my feelings and reactions during this dream tell me that I was indeed me, visiting me.  Towards the beginning I remember more confused on the matter and instantly searched for explanations and reason as to what was going on.  But slowly “I” began to fade. Object, people, places started to become familiar to me and I began to return to normalcy as this other person.  As the dream progressed, I knew how to get to dream places, I knew where and who my drea acquaintances were, I knew and loved my dream soulmate.

I can only begin to ask questions in regards to the importance of this.. “semi” lucid dream.  Beginning with the actuality of this reality. Can this really occur in waking life? Does this really happen in waking life and on what scale? The movie Waking Life has the storyline of a man continually awaking and jumping from one lucid dream to the next but never actually awakes. So I raise the question how are we to know when we are actually awake. How do we know that when we randomly doze off at some point during the day that the rest of the day isn’t a dream until we fall asleep again and wake up? Why do we have to fall asleep to dream? Or do we. What if this reality is just a series of dreams intertwined with the swirl of images that are burned into our minds through repetive process. Walking down the street everyday, going along the same route to work, seeing the same people. How can we explain the explainable? As soon as something different occurs and disrupts this flow of interconnecting gears that make up our days, a bubble, a glitch, a snapshot, a doubletake.. Would they be our minds creating new factors to add into this reality? Or are they bubbles, glitches, and snapshots that are already there and continuously there in infinite possibilities that we (meaning our minds) choose to see, interpret, and store?

Amnesia. The extreme loss of memory. Its victims left unable to recognize family members, homes, jobs, cities. Instances not knowing where they are or who they, yet they still awake. Their minds have lost the visual recognition of the most common images leaving them confused and afraid. Now is this clarified as a degenerative brain disease. Or are their minds simply fed up with processing the same images over and over and over again that these images wear themselves out and become no more. We intake food and liquid through ingestion and it builds up and builds up and we extract nutrients and it passes alogn for some time, but eventually it has to leave our bodies. If we ingest the exact same food and liquid over a long time our bodies either decide to develop an addiction to the food, or our bodies decide to despise it and we end up not being able to injest the fod or we’ll get sick.  “The mind is an organ just like the heart, lungs, stomach.. with its own specific design and task ” (Zen DeBruke) in which its task is to develop thought and oversee all other bodily functions.

That example is perceived as unwilling and unknown to the individual victim. I previously asked if it is possible to transcend (our own individual) realities and awake or even possibly appear in another of our alternate realities.  That is if I believing that the reality that we are in is one of the infinite circumstances of possibilities based on our actions choices and others around us. As if every moment we are standing at a massive traffic intersection in which: GREEN is when we are moving along a certain path, YELLOW is the moment when we begin to slow down and think about what is going on and ask ourselves and RED is when we stop and give ourselves time to make decisions and give ourselves times to experience what we never experience during the green light.  We all have moments when we can close our eyes and think of great or not-so-great moments in the past. We can become one with these moments to a certain degree, we can hear laughter or music, we can smell even taste things that are linked to those experiences. But cam we develop our minds and bodies to link together and not only remember these instances but actually be these instances again. Can we take these memories and make them present and real.. able to experience them with all 5 senses, with mind, body, and spirit.

I use the connecting with the past because it is an experience that we all can achieve and interact with in our minds but not change.  Now (Down the Rabbit Hole) is it possible for us to either awake or transcend ourselves to one of our infinite alternate realites as previously discussed in my dream. Instead of coming to that stoplight and going forward, left, right, etc but not able to go back, why not go up or down or sideways or zig zag etc?  When comparing the art of lucid dreaming to the art of remembering the past (Art in the definition of the individual mind creating something totally and unabashedly original) I find many similarities. We can control what our minds see.  We are conscious that these visual images in our mind are or were taking place. I’ll let you think of some other similarities.  However, it is known that the mind does not know the difference between what it sees and what it remembers.  The images in our line of vision are interpreted in our mind as present actual reality and simultaneously stored at memory and a past experience so that when we see the same visual image (well not necessarily visual, all subsequent 5 senses are involved but vision is the easiest to work with) again it is there based on memory.  I.E. when we lose keys, we only “lose” them because we forgot where we put them, literally. That moment, when we set our keys down on a table for example, was such a miniscule moment in a mixture of many others in which so much was going on that our minds took that memory of setting our keys down and buried it deeply, deeply into our storage.  So what do we do when we find our keys? We begin to search high and low instantly, thinking that they will magically appear somewhere and sometimes this occurs, yet most of us begin the procedure of retracing our steps. Usually finding a starting point in our relative past where we last remember finding our keys. Then we slowly move forward in the past taking moment by moment until eventually, if we try hard enough we find our keys. And then we jump back into present reality and go about our errands and random bullshit that gives us the reasons for needing our keys in the first place. This is an example of the individual stepping out if their present reality or transcending to another time, the relative past, for the purpose to well find their keys.  But surely you understand where I am going with this topic and if you don’t I will continue further.

I ask is it possible for us to instead of transcending to past experiences and reliving them by relying solely on memories and acting upon them, but to create brand new instances and experiences and transcend into them. In my case taking the visual images in my dream which have been stored as memory or else there would be no reason for this text and bringing them into my actual reality. Can we learn to develop or manipulate our minds to the point where we (in each moment at the stoplight) we alter our realities to our liking. Can we take those dream images in our mind and make them not just memories or dreams but memories of actual past instances in our mind.. cross-referencing our bank of memory? Can we even make our minds perceive them as present moment actual reality. Can we make our dreams real?

Can I actually wake up one day and be one with an alternate reality, an alternate me. When can i reach the level where I can jump back and forth between my alternate selves and combine them as a potential reality consisting or alternate realities. Is that possible or would that make me schizophrenic?  If this is possible in a lucid dream state where I am indeed conscious yet merely asleep, then why can’t this occur during waking life; in which I am conscious but merely awake? Or is all of this happening right now, to me, and to you right now in this very moment as you are reading this and storing these words as memory…

You are nearing the stoplight.

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