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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Relationship · #1299374
A story of desire.
Chapter 1

"Emily are you ready yet?" Lily questioned from across the apartment.
"Almost," I said. "Let me just put on some lip gloss and I'll be ready to go"
Lily announced "Well hurry up! I'm dying to get to the party. I want to get as many beads as possible. I even wore my star pasties to suprise everyone I flash."
"Oh Lily, you are so funny." "Hey, have you seen my mask?"
"It's on the dresser by the bed" proclaimed Lily.
"Ok, I'm ready let's hit the highway!" Emily said with much enthusiasm.

A hint of orange blossom's permeated the air with a sweet, arousing fragrance and the cool breeze was gently touching Emily's bare shoulders and slowly succumbing to her breasts under her purple low cut dress. Her masquerade mask was made up of gold and purple feathers, diamonds that surrounded the eyes and it had a black handle. When she arrived at the party she was handed a purple set of beads which she was to wear around her neck. The music was playing loudly and the people were having a good time drinking and laughing. Lily took off immediately to get her second set of beads.

Since this was a masquerade party Emily decided to keep her mask on all night so people didn't know who she was. She really didn't know anyone there anyway. She just came to the party with Lily because she didn't want to go alone. If Emily recall's correctly she thought this was a friend of a co-workers house or something like that. Lily was the type of friend who brought you to a party but then she would take off and make sure she was the center of attention all night. Emily never minded it. She has met alot of nice people this way.

The DJ at the party annouced, " What's the matter with all you people? Get your booties on the dance floor and let's see some ass a shakin!"

Everyone was dancing with each other. Nobody had a particular partner to dance with. If you were next to Emily then she danced with you. She was smiling ear to ear with a feeling of exuberation. She felt like a woman who was freeing herself from everything and was living only in that moment.

The moment started to narrow like tunnel vision when Emily saw this gorgeous guy from across the way. He was tall and had black hair but she couldn't see his face because he was wearing a mask. He was looking toward her from a distance but she thought maybe he was looking past her at someone else so she took her eyes off of him and continued to dance.

The night was wonderful. Emily was having so much fun when she suddenly felt someone behind me. She quickly turned around and all she saw was the most beautiful, sparkling, emerald green eyes. Emily was absolutely mesmerized by them. All the music had faded from around her as she stood dumbfounded in front of these eyes. She could barely hear the voice that was talking to her. Finally, she snapped out of it and realized it was the man from across the room earlier and he was talking to her.

"I'm sorry what did you say?" Emily asked with confusion.
"Can I have this dance?" he asked with a deep voice.
"Of course you can." She said not realizing it was a slow song.

They made it to the dance area and he put his arms around her waist and she put her hands on his shoulders. She knew it seemed to personal for just meeting him but something about it seemed right. We slowly moved to the music while staring into each others eyes.

"I saw your vibrant red hair from across the room along with your sweet smile and knew I had to come over to see you closer." He said with a half grin on his face.
"I saw you too but I thought you were looking at someone else." Emily confessed.

Emily could feel him pulling her closer while they danced and she just let it happen. He felt so good in her arms. Before you new it she was pressed up against his body and her head was laying on his shoulder. She could smell the musky scent of his cologne and her heart skipped a beat.

The music started to end as he looked straight into Emily's eyes and slowly moved his head toward hers and gently pressed his lips against hers. Her knees went weak but she held her ground. She could feel his hands caressing her face as he kissed her. What seemed like forever wasn't that long at all. Emily opened her eyes and realized that he was gone. All kinds of thoughts came to her mind. 'Was this real or was it a dream. How long was I standing here after he left.' She looked around for this imaginary man and didn't see him. A tear came to her eyes because she was swept off her feet and it may not have even been real. Was she hallucinating this man? How much did she have to drink? I guess she'll never know now.

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