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Just an outline of my idea. Eep.
Hmm... I'm new at this, 'new' referring to the fact that I only signed up about an hour ago :| Anyway, the below is the idea I have for a story. It's very raw, but it's been in my head for a long time. A very very long time in fact, eep. I only just realised I wanted to make something out of my daydreams.

Two 17 year old girls, Charlotte 'Cokey' Morrissey and Katia White. The two have been best friends for years and the essence of the story revolves around the girls' relationship.

Cokey and Katia live in Beech Drives, a depressingly quiet town, and the story commences at the beginning of their final year of high school. When Katia returns home from a family holiday in Tirana, Albania and Cokey is hired as a maƮtre d' at a local restaurant called 'Dimnont's', their reunion reveals both the girls' close connection and Katia's newly discovered taste for travel. As the girls begin school for the year, Katia's confusion at her plans for post-high school life becomes worrying to her and throughout the story, she becomes slightly obsessed with the idea of abandoning Beech Drives and experiencing the world beyond.

Once she begins working at Dimnont's restaurant, Cokey meets Thomas, an 18 year cook who becomes her colleague. As it becomes apparent that Cokey has had a longheld attraction/fixation for Stephen, a regular at Dimnont's, Thomas becomes Cokey's confidant and their workdays are occupied by Cokey's gushing over Stephen.

Katia's preoccupation with her desire to travel is hindered somewhat when she shares a moment with Cokey's older brother, 21 year old Lehiff. However, she has trouble accepting the idea that she may possess some attraction to Lehiff due to his age, her wish to hopefully leave Beech Drives and the fact that he is Cokey's brother. In addition, Lehiff maintains a reputation for 'sleeping around'.

One day, as Cokey is walking home from work after just finishing an evening shift, she runs into Stephen. Stephen's false flattery is obvious, though Cokey is oblivious to this and the two retreat to his house and sleep together. Once it is over, Stephen is indifferent to Cokey, but her infatuation with him causes her to be ignorant and she remains in love with the idea of being with him.

Meanwhile, any possible romantic thoughts of Lehiff have been pushed from Katia's mind as she discovers that her mother, Irene is to marry a younger man named Daniel. Katia feels a deep resentment for her mother and Beech Drives as a whole due to her mother's not informing her of her relationship with Daniel and the news that Katia must be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

At Dimnont's, Cokey doesn't tell Thomas of what happened between her and Stephen, though he can sense her jubilant mood and invites her to a party he is attending that weekend. Cokey immediately agrees, assuming that Stephen will also be at the party and hoping to initiate something more between them.

Katia's mind is muddled as she is frequently exposed to Lehiff's awkward company when she visits Cokey, and also struggles with the notion of telling her best friend what happened between the two of them. In addition, her confusion deepens as she meets Daniel's mother, Elena at an introductionary dinner in preparation for the wedding. Elena and Katia form an unlikely friendship, and Katia's yearning for life outside of Beech Drives is further ignited as Elena details her journeys in India to her.

As a euphoric Cokey enters the party Thomas invited her to, her thoughts are overwhelmed by a romanticed view of a relationship with Stephen. However, upon searching for him extensively and eventually finding him with another girl, her heart is shattered. Distraught and seeking comfort, she runs into Thomas outside, and the two sleep together in his car. In the middle of the night, Cokey awakes next to a sleeping Thomas, and abandons him in the car. She does not return to Dimnont's for several days in an attempt to avoid him.

Katia's thoughts have not settled, and Cokey unknowingly strengthens her friend's uncertainty by informing her that Lehiff is no longer sleeping with random girls. Katia's feelings for Lehiff develop further with every uncomfortable moment they spend in each other's (and Cokey's) company. However, she rejects her growing attraction with every meeting she shares with Elena, who continues to entice Katia with her stories of distant places.

When Cokey is forced to return to work by her parents, Thomas is cold and noticably indifferent towards her. The situation becomes worse when at the end of the day there is a blackout and the two are locked inside as the doors are automatic. As they are forced to spend the evening together in uncomfortable proximity, Thomas pointedly reveals the scorn he feels for her. Cokey, feeling extremely uneasy at Thomas' words, uses him as a source of silent comfort again and kisses him. The two have sex again in the back room of Dimnont's. As they are concluding, Dimnonts' manager prizes open the automatic door, forcing them to abruptly stop for fear of being caught. The two leave the restaurant in the company of the manager, and do not speak to each other.

Katia fights with her growing feelings for Lehiff and her desires for life experience beyond Beech Drives. She becomes uneasy when Cokey informs her that Lehiff will in fact be her partner at Irene and Daniel's wedding, though agrees for fear of revealing her attraction for Lehiff to her best friend. Determined to clear her head, Katia forces herself to become absorbed in her mother's wedding plans, and ceases her meetings with Elena.

Cokey is relieved when Thomas does not return to Dimnont's for several days. One afternoon, she is surprised to find Stephen waiting for her outside the restaurant after her shift. Stephen kisses her and, though she is uneasy, lingering elements of her obsession with him cause Cokey to submit. However, once they part, she is shocked and embarassed to see Thomas having just parked in front of them, staring at the two from his car. His contempt is obvious, and Stephen hurriedly leaves. Thomas confronts Cokey and they have a loud and enraged argument. This time, an irate Thomas abandons their meeting and drives away, leaving an upset Cokey behind.

It is the day of Irene and Daniel's wedding, and Katia is tense as she forced to be in both Elena and Lehiff's company. Following the ceremony, she seeks serenity and retreats to the quiet of a tiny stream nearby. However, she soon discovers that Lehiff has followed her and the two kiss, sharing an intimate moment. Katia becomes aware of and fully acknowledges her feeling for him, and they begin a relationship. They decide to keep their romance from Cokey temporarily as she has been evidently troubled recently.

As Cokey is detailing her problems to Katia one day, she accidentally discovers that she has not had her period for six weeks - not since just after she slept with Stephen. She becomes increasingly frightened and abandons the conversation with her best friend abruptly without explanation. She wanders purposelessly for a long time, until she eventually and unconsciously arrives at Dimnont's. Inside, she finds a passive-faced Thomas and blurts out the truth that she believes she may be pregnant. Thomas does not speak, and a startled and emotional Cokey runs out of the restaurant.

The next day, Cokey runs into Katia's arms and tells her of her revelation. Katia provides Cokey with solace, and the two purchase and carry out several at-home pregnancy tests. The result is negative, and the remainder of the day is occupied by Katia comforting a relieved though emotionally unsteady Cokey. During the middle of the night, the two are engaged in a tangled sleep, when there is a knock on the door. Cokey drearily detaches herself from Katia and finds Thomas outside. He tells her that he has thought things over, and has devised a plan for the two of them to care for the future baby. Cokey is startled by his gesture and evident care towards the situation, though she tells him of the test results. A surprised and embarrassed Thomas then brusquely leaves without a proper goodbye. Cokey feels a strange sentiment towards Thomas.

When she returns to Dimnont's, Cokey's interation with Thomas is muted, though the indifferent nature of their contact bothers Cokey, and she confronts him in the kitchens of Dimnont's. The two share a strange moment in which Cokey discovers that she possesses feelings for Thomas. She is confused, as these feelings differ so intensely to what she held for Stephen. They spend several minutes not speaking, until Thomas kisses Cokey and he makes his sincere affection for her apparent.

Cokey and Katia are in Cokey's bedroom one afternoon, and Katia commences repeating Elena's stories to her best friend. Cokey notices Katia's passion to experience something similar, and compels Katia to admit her rooted desires to travel and visit destinations such as the places Elena has. Unbeknownced to the girls, Lehiff is eavesdropping beyond the door, and Katia's words force him to consider his decision.

Despite her conversation with Cokey, Katia is content to have begun a relationship with Lehiff. As such, she is shocked when she discovers him standing grimly at her door early one morning. He tells her that he cares about her too much to force her to sacrifice what she truly wants, and that he wants to end their relationship that has only just begun. He also informs her that she has taught him more than anybody else ever has, and that as a result, he is going to leave Beech Drives in search of something more. Katia is emotional, though realises that he is doing the right thing.

This story concludes as Lehiff leaves Beech Drives and Cokey and Thomas commence their relationship.

Okay! That was my idea... That was the basic gist, I left a few things out actually, like Lehiff missing a job interview so he can fix Katia's car without telling her. But that's okay, that's the general plot. Gosh, I've never written it down like that before.

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