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Playing sick can be fun - just don't get caught at it.
      Take a walk on the playing hooky side.  Have you ever just plain played hooky from work?  It feels like a criminal act that’s akin the law.  Something that any law abiding citizen wouldn’t dream of doing but it’s stimulating nonetheless.  Don’t get me wrong, dear readers, for I am not condoning skipping out on your responsibilities and duties you signed on to do.  You can’t simply play hooky every Friday and every Monday.  It sets forth a sick leave abuse pattern any boss or person of leadership would pick up on in a heartbeat.  Tell management you are going to play hooky to get it approved first  – don’t just do it and suffer the consequences later.  You may not have a job if you’re stupid enough to do that. 

      Playing hooky from work gives you at least 8 extra hours of daylight to do things you haven’t been able to do working so hard.  It’s a reward for going to work when you feel puny or when your heart just ain’t in it.  My daddy used to say, “Oh gal, give all you got on the days you can because there may be days you can’t give them nothing”. 

      Take that 59-minute rule that allows your boss to let you leave early – not an hour – just 59 minutes.  Savor it, enjoy those 59 minutes like it’s your last.  Jump in your car, rev up that motor and hit the road like you’ve just escaped Alcatraz. Turn up the volume on your favorite radio station that makes your car thump that could be heard from miles around. Sing as though no one can hear you or see you move your lips to the music.  One always seems to perk up when it’s quitting time and to get out any minute earlier is like a triumph for the working class. 

    Count them – 59 whole minutes.  Most times, you’re not notified of the 59-minute rule until is 62 minutes from quitting time.  I tell you what, no worker on this planet can shut down that computer system, make that last phone call faster, or file that last piece of paperwork quicker than a worker getting to leave early.  So now what?  You’re not used to getting off work at 1500 hours (3:00 pm) so you’re just beside yourself figuring out what to do with those glorious 59 minutes. You think you can swing by Trevors all by yourself  before the kids come home from school or zip in the drive through at Starbucks for caramel Frappicino. 

    My, my, the sky is the limit to relish in those 59 minutes so instead of shopping or sipping you just go home, kick off your heels, and do absolutely nothing. What better time management than to sit still clearing your mind and unwinding before a bustle of kids shoot through the front door demanding a snack of cookies and milk or a usband/boyfriend/significant other comes walking through the door pissed because you got the 59-minute rule and they didn’t.  Ha, ha, the laughs on them.  Just mark that down in your little daybook. 

    Until next time…..walk on the playing hooky side. 

....take care....SaraJane.....
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