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Sitting in a garden can be very relaxing.
    Take a walk on the nature side…build a flower garden.  Mine is more like a jungle with overgrown this and overgrown that.  Trees need trimming and flowers need deadheaded. Put it this way, it will never be on the front cover of Better Homes and Garden.  But it’s mine, all mine.  Who cares anyway -  well, except my neighbors?  My overgrown backyard flower garden drives my neighbors crazy as they peer over the overgrown shrubs.  I really don’t care because I don’t like them anyway.  That ole woman called Animal Control because my sweet innocent cat kept pooping in her manicured flower garden.  So needless to say, my sweet innocent cat has to stay inside peering out of the window in earnest to escape the indoors.

    When I say my neighbors have a manicured flower garden I’m not kidding.  Why, the ole woman cuts the weeds with a pair of Fiskars scissors.  I make a formal apology, my neighbor.  I mean no disrespect or liability but I just think it’s rather odd, don’t you? 

    Oh, but I digress….back to the nature side.  Put out birdseed and a hummingbird feeder and don’t forget to plant flowers that attract butterflies. Build it and they will come. Early in the morning, retreat outside with a good cup of coffee and a cigarette (oops, sorry Surgeon General). Sit back and watch as 20 or 30 birds fight over that one morsel of birdseed.  Watch as two hummingbirds frolic in the air or follow that drop dead gorgeous butterfly pouncing from one flower to another.  When that sudden sound booms from a trash truck, all of nature’s best will set fire to the sky as they all rush to safety. 

    I tell you, sitting outside in the early hours of the day watching nature perform aerobatic tricks before your eyes will have a drastic effect on your health.  It will lower your blood pressure, maintain your heart rate, and make you realize that there are indeed some things just plain right in this world.  You just have to sit back and watch for them. Mark that down in your little daybook. 

    Until next time…..take a walk on the nature side. 

....take care....SaraJane.....
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